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A small sponge can make planting flowers so much easier

A small sponge can make planting flowers so much easier

A sponge city can be found in many home education classrooms, mainly used by businesses to brush dishes and clean dishes. Those of us who raise flowers are also fond of sponges. Planting potted plants with it is very convenient, fast, and simple, and the learning effect is very good. There are many advantages and conveniences to using sponges to raise flowers, like flower friends can do it by themselves.

Water can be retained by natural sponges for cleaning

It is mainly used by flower lovers in business, such a method is to put the sponge in the pot, and then watering will retain a certain amount of water, sponges are great for flower types that prefer moist soil.

Cuttings can be made with it

Due to its good water retention, it is very easy to use when taking cuttings of plants, and it roots faster and easier than other methods.

The sponge must be dark in color. Preferably black. We can also use yellow sponges, even if we don't have any, since yellow is closer to the color of the soil. The plugs work better.

In order to cut it, we should cut it into rectangular pieces that are not too big. Once we have made a small hole, we can place the branch in the sponge's center. After placing the sponge and plug in the container, we can add some water and place it in the sun. When the roots grow outside the sponge, we can pot it.

It is important for flower lovers to pay attention, do not remove the sponge, put the sponge city directly on the pot, so that we can protect the cuttings, while carrying out the sponge to have a certain working time, it will automatically decompose.

You can also tie them together with a string so that when the roots grow, the sponge can be removed without damaging the cuttings.

This sponge can basically be used for washing dishes, and it's a food-grade material, which means it generally won't pollute the environment and affect the plants. Friends can use it with peace of mind. You can talk to the teller at the supermarket if you are worried, and you can buy food-grade materials to plant flowers.

Using sponges as planters at home to plant flowers

Since families are becoming smaller due to the change in family life, many people plant flowers without enough space, and many flower lovers prefer cleanliness, but still have some resistance to flower soil. In this case, it is recommended that flower lovers use sponges to plant flowers. The specific operation method is as follows.

As educators, our first step is to prepare a container filled with water. It's important to avoid making the water too deep, keeping it shallow instead. Next, we will need to cut a piece of Chinese sponge, approximately nine centimeters long. Once we have the sponge, we can insert cuttings of new shoots into it. When choosing the length of the shoots, it's best for them to not be longer than the sponge. After that, we can move on to setting up a flower pot for our country. The sponge and new shoots can be inserted into the pot together. As for maintenance and management, students can simply add water to the sponge when it becomes dry. This strategy has been successful for many domesticated flower businesses, especially with flowers like geraniums and begonias that thrive in compact spaces such as balconies.

Flower friends should use this good method of raising flowers because it is very clean, tidy, and it doesn't harm the environment.

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