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Do not know these super awesome Windows skills, are you sure you know how to use a computer?

Viewing Applications

Now our working life is more and more inseparable from the computer, we use the computer after so long,convert word to pdf online free without losing formatting some very good Windows skills know? Today I will tell you some very practical Windows skills, so that we can play better with their own computers.

Viewing Applications

As we all know, when we use the computer, we will open a lot of applications, sometimes one by one click to view the switch will be a bit troublesome. At this time we can actually press [win]+[tab] to view the task window of our computer.merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf We can also view what the computer opened in the past few days, very good.

A key to zoom in

When using the computer, some partners always suspect that the text of the computer is too small, and they want to open the web pages, pictures, windows, etc. on the computer, but they can never find a good way.pdf editor free At this time, we can press [ Win ][ ] to enlarge the page, window, etc. If we want to reduce it, then press [ Win ][-].

Quick Screenshot

When you are using your computer, you need to take a screenshot at some point. At this time, we don't need to use three-way software to help. We can actually take a screenshot [ Win ] + [ PRT SCR ] , the screenshot will be automatically saved to the [Pictures] folder of the computer, which is very convenient.

Create/Close Network Virtual System Desktop

When we use computer, many people will mess up their computer desktop, sometimes it is hard to find a file. At this time, we can actually use [ Win ][ Ctrl ][ D ] to quickly create a new desktop so that we can place different files on different desktops and find them more easily. If we want to close the virtual desktop, we just need to press [ Win ][ Ctrl ][ F4 ].

One key lock screen

Sometimes we will leave the office computer, so a quick lock screen to protect the files in the computer is particularly important. At this time we just need to press [Win] + [l] to complete the quick lock screen.