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PDF Encryption How to Decrypt: Unlock PDF Passwords

PDF file

After downloading a PDF file shared by other people on the Internet, we found that the PDF file has edit permission and we cannot edit the PDF file. If we want to edit the PDF file, we need to remove the editing restriction.convert word to pdf with embedded excel files The correct way to remove the restriction is to open the PDF file, then click File-Properties-Security-Remove Password in Password to save the restriction, you can edit the PDF file normally.

However, the correct way to remove the restriction requires entering the PDF password, but we may forget the password without knowing it. jpg to pdf converter and combine So how should we remove the restriction if we forget the password?

Retrieve PDF password to remove PDF password restriction and use the online service. The specific steps are as follows.

1. First in the search through the browser: http://密码速找.site

2. After entering the site, go to the user-centered page and click the decryption button.word to pdf converter online free i love pdf Then click the "Start Now" button.

3. In the "User Center" page, select the PDF file to retrieve the password or cancel the restrictions, and then upload the file. 4.

4. After the upload is completed, the system will start to decrypt or remove the password.

5. Wait for some time, the system will automatically complete the process of decrypting or deleting the password.

6. After completion, you can download the decrypted document by directly proceeding to re-edit or view the relevant content

Whether you have forgotten the password or forgotten how to unlock the PDF password, this is the simplest and fastest solution. Let you easily find the document password and unlock the document restrictions. Open password recovery guides and tips so you can do it in one step. No longer be troubled by PDF file password problems, release your worries!