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There is a big difference between UnionPay cards and bank cards

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UnionPay card is a new generation bank card with multiple china unionpay card functions issued by China UnionPay. It has powerful functions such as extensive circulation, safety and convenience. Through UnionPay, we can conduct online transactions and clearing across banks, realize system interconnection and data sharing between related banks, and enable cardholders to realize capital transactions at any Internet point.

The main function of UnionPay card is to ensure successful cross-bank transactions, cross-regional including cross-border transactions, and can realize the entire cashless transaction, bringing great convenience and security. UnionPay card is the latest generation of card that supports the use of the UnionPay system, and is a technical content of bank cards. UnionPay cards belong to a series of bank cards. However, not all bank cards are issued by the UnionPay system, because the bank cards issued in the early days did not have the function of UnionPay cards, and the early bank cards were not marked with the word UnionPay. Transaction settlement with city bank card.

UnionPay card numbers have a separate prefix. All UnionPay cards issued by China UnionPay start with "62", while other UnionPay cards start with "4" or "5". The biggest advantage of UnionPay card is that it eliminates the RMB exchange fee used overseas, which is an advantage that other systems do not have. UnionPay supports bank cards, including debit cards, debit cards and credit cards.

What is the difference between debit cards, savings cards and credit cards in the bank card series?

There is no discernible difference between debit and debit cards, but the two names are used differently. As cardholders, we go to the bank for transactions, the main purpose is to use its savings and financial management purposes, so it is called a savings card. It is officially called a debit card since the bank issues one side. Now the functions of debit cards are more extensive, not limited to deposits and withdrawals, transfers, etc., and can be directly swiped in most stores and supermarkets, but only your card balance can be consumed at most when swiping the card. Can not overdraft consumption, this is the essential difference between credit cards.

Many people are using credit cards now, and it has its unique advantages, and the number of users is increasing day by day. Credit cards can carry out the function of overdraft consumption, and debit cards only support the function of direct transfer or cash withdrawal through ATM, but cannot be overdrafted, but you can freely calculate the interest according to your deposit. Credit cards are also called credit cards. The front of the credit card is different from the debit card only by the card number. The front cover of the credit card also contains the cardholder's name and the specific expiration date, and the number of the credit card number has obvious streaks. The signature column also has seven digits and an anti-counterfeiting code.

The biggest role of a credit card is that it can be overdrafted, but the limit depends on the cardholder's credit history. If the credit card is overdrawn blindly, if the credit card is not repaid in time, the user's credit file will also be affected. If the credit rating is lowered, such as buying a house, applying for a car loan has a great impact. And no matter how much the overdraft is, it has to be paid off in the end. It will have a great impact on future work and life, so when using credit cards, you must do what you can and put credit first. This way, the credit card can be taken from you and used by you.




Where is UnionPay widely used?

In Canada, more than 150,000 businesses and 90% of ATMs accept UnionPay cards. In South Korea, almost all businesses that accept signatures also accept UnionPay credit cards. Tokyo's card-using environment has been improved thanks to the acceptance of UnionPay cards by over 1.3 million businesses in Japan.

Why does my iPhone include China UnionPay?

We discovered that Safari will ask you if you want to store the card if you enter a Card number that begins with 62 or 88 and is 16–19 characters long. The card will be identified as a China UnionPay card if you save it.

Is a Union Bank card available online?

Go to Account Details in the UB Online app and select Order a Physical Card. Complete the order procedure by providing the necessary information.

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