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What convenience has the popularity of scan code payment brought to people's life?

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With the development of society, people's life is payment gateway hong kong changing with each passing day, and the quality of life is getting higher and higher. In the past, all purchases were made in cash. Paper money of different denominations met the needs of people's life, which also brought some problems. Such as counterfeit money, stolen money, theft, etc. With the rapid development of 4G network coverage and the advent of code scanning payment era, you can meet the payment needs of all consumers as long as you carry a mobile phone.

The concept of code scanning payment?

Scanning code payment, as the name suggests, is to scan the QR code to complete the payment. Just like the merchant version of Alipay, you set the amount, then generate the QR code, and then another person opens the scanning code in Alipay to collect or pay.

At present, the era of smart phones is popular, and the operating cost of payment software is also very low. The elderly can easily learn to use wechat and Alipay. Now the pancake fruit stand next to the subway station can be paid by wechat or Alipay. This is an era of universal online payment. From supporting complex password payment to simple 6-bit password payment, to fingerprint payment and face payment, online payment will become more and more convenient.

What are the advantages of code scanning payment enterprises?

1) Payment, card free payment, convenient and fast

Before going out, you need to carry a large amount of cash. After the bank card is paid, you need to carry the bank card at any time when going out. It's not even a bank card, but it's relatively faster to sweep out than a bank card. Now it's safer to take one. This is really a good way to pay.

2) Immediate arrival without hardware equipment

In the past, when using a credit card, you also needed to swipe the card at the POS machine, and sometimes the arrival will be delayed. What about code scanning payment? The accounts will arrive soon. After arrival, businesses can freely control their cash without spending more money on POS machines. Just a QR code for the customer to scan.

3) One yard overpayment

It can not only support the mainstream online payment management methods such as Alipay, wechat, Baidu and jd.com, but also support the payment of and offline stores. In other words, when we go out in the future, we students only need to bring a smart phone and ourselves, which is OK. This is very convenient for some young Chinese people to learn. They can go out without backpacks and wallets.

4) Easy to learn

As long as we have a Chinese smart phone in our hands, we can learn to use it quickly from the elderly to children.

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