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How do metabolic diseases arise? There are actually 4 levels at work, and there is still a chance to change them today

How do metabolic diseases arise? There are actually 4 levels at work, and there is still a chance to change them today

With the increase of age, each body organ slowly declines, the risk of chronic diseases and their metabolic diseases is greatly increased, such as obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver and type 2 diabetes patients and their atherosclerosis, etc.. Its mutual etiology is attributed to obesity caused by poor lifestyle, so why not learn more about it.

How do metabolic diseases arise?

1, poor lifestyle

High sugar high calorie and high fried worker diet with, has been overeating and binge drinking and return to care its exercise intensity is not enough to cause nutrition overflow and body obesity, this is also lead to metabolic disease together with the cause. Especially the abdominal cavity deposited a lot of human fat can enhance insulin resistance, and then aggravate the metabolism appears abnormal, promote the human body fat deposition, and finally into the bad circulation situation.

2、High blood sugar and high blood fat

Insulin resistance is a separate high-risk element for a variety of conditions, such as three high, diabetic patients, stroke and its myocardial infarction. When insulin resistance occurs, it will cause the blood sugar value to be uncontrolled, which will lead to type 2 diabetes; in addition, the fat burning inhibition becomes weaker, raising the triacylglycerol component and increasing the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood night, thus causing high blood lipids, and even coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

3, kidney suffer harm

Research found that the body obese people fat cells are rich in a lot of phagocytes, can open the inflammatory response; phagocytes in the body in different locations transplanted, and then released a lot of inflammatory factors, and finally cause metabolic diseases; if phagocytes accumulation in the kidney can cause the liver body fat into, resulting in inflammatory response, stirring sugar and fat decomposition, and then intensify metabolic disorders;.

Insulin resistance coupled with inflammatory response can prompt capillary construction, causing actual kidney function hazards, rising glomerular capillary permeability, causing ischemic acceleration of kidney function, the rate of kidney function damage; in addition, capillary success can also accelerate the process of development toward atherosclerosis, which in turn causes cardiovascular disease.

4, intestinal flora imbalance

Intestinal flora plays a key role in the body, but poor dietary structure, drug abuse and often stay up late to disrupt the balance of intestinal flora, prone to cause toxoiduria, resulting in diffuse mild inflammation, thus causing metabolic syndrome.

What can be done to reduce the risk of metabolic diseases?

Make sure that the intake of kinetic energy is the same as the consumption of kinetic energy, avoid foods with high cholesterol and calories, and eat less sharp meat and processed meat products. Eat more grains and cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, fish, poultry and eggs, and dairy products; it is advisable to eat more dietary fiber ingredients to reduce fertilizer bloating and the probability of type 2 diabetes.

In addition, maintaining appropriate fitness exercises, such as cycling, running or aerobics and brisk walking, not only reduces weight, but also improves heart function, enhances the use of glucose and water in the muscles of the whole body, provides better quality of life and prolongs life expectancy. However, patients with heart function and osteoporosis should be guided by a professional physician for fitness exercises.

Warm reminder

In general, various chronic diseases and metabolic diseases are related to obesity, so you should take the initiative to lose weight and keep your body mass index in the middle of 18.5~23.9. If necessary, it is also necessary to strictly implement the doctor's instructions to take appropriate drugs to ensure that various diseases can be cured, and at the same time to relieve the pressure of taking medication. In the case of statin, it not only reduces blood lipids, smooths out spots, antioxidant properties and its anti-infection, but also improves liver function. In addition, a comprehensive medical checkup at the hospital on time can keep track of the dynamic nature of the disease trends.