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UnionPay Internationalization Accelerates, Covering 180 Countries and Regions

UnionPay Internationalization Accelerates, Covering 180 Countries and Regions

UnionPay International announced today that Uruguay has opened its first local UnionPay card business process. The UnionPay acceptance network has expanded to 180 countries and regions, with the total number of merchants accepted at home and abroad reaching 55 million, and the UnionPay mobile payment service program is available in more than half of these countries and regions. RBR, a leading British consulting and management firm, reports that UnionPay has become the most widely china unionpay international accepted card brand in the world.

With the advantages of the Internet, UnionPay International is seeking to serve more and more overseas households, double-applying Chinese and foreign exchanges and promoting China's international circulation system. A total of over 150 million UnionPay cards have been issued in 67 countries and regions overseas. At the same time, UnionPay is promoting intelligent payment industry development plans in some countries and regions in Asia Pacific according to giving intelligent financial services to local customers.

Expanding and deepening international acceptance Internet

Since the emergence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in response to the WHO's advocacy to reduce the use of cash, UnionPay International has continued to enhance the natural environment for card use, while accelerating the basic construction of online payment, mobile payment and other "non-touch" financial services acceptance scenarios to meet the diversified payment requirements of overseas holders in special times.

Last year, 3 million new overseas merchants accepted UnionPay cards, and the penetration rates of UnionPay card acceptance in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific increased to 70%, 70% and 90% respectively. More than 8 million overseas merchants in 93 countries and regions have applied UnionPay 2D codes or UnionPay cell phone flash payment, in which more than 30 countries and regions such as Brazil, Hungary and Tajikistan were newly added to open, and the number of 2D code accepting merchants has doubled.

The total number of overseas online merchants applying UnionPay cards has increased to nearly 22 million and covers more than 200 countries and regions, generating special services in catering take-out, online college payment and other scenarios, and giving dumb financial services to users, with UnionPay International's online business process turnover increasing by nearly 15% last year.

Globalization characteristics of well-known brands are more unique

At the end of 2020, UnionPay and Cebuana Bank of the Philippines together offered 6 million UnionPay savings cards. The collaboration is a new project of UnionPay card opening along the "Belt and Road" in the last year, which is the epitome of UnionPay International working closely with overseas organizations to speed up service localization and translation.

Li Guangzi, head of the Banking Research Department at the Institute of Finance, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, indicates that the payment management system is one of the most important financial industry infrastructures, which stimulates key effects in the smooth international circulation system of China. UnionPay International has got positive and active progress in overseas card opening industry, giving an efficient financial industry support point for Sino-foreign exchanges and a sample for enhancing the service capacity of China's financial system to open up to the outside world.

In Russia, Mongolia, Africa and other places, various UnionPay cards open new projects on schedule to land type, the previous year to complete a new increase in the opening of more than 2,000 cited horse town. Especially in Asia Pacific, for every 4 new savings cards on sale, one of them will be of the famous brand "UnionPay". In the trend of two-thirds decline in airline traffic worldwide, the volume of UnionPay cards sold overseas has increased, with the key being the daily consumption level of local users. 90% of the UnionPay cards issued in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Pakistan, Russia and Central Asia are sold locally.

Promote the layout of digital payment in Asia Pacific

"During the period of the new crown epidemic, the overall transactions in Australia and Hong Kong were frustrated, but the turnover of various UnionPay mobile payment products still achieved a significant growth rate, with the number of orders and amount of sales and purchases increasing nearly four times. Australia and Hong Kong version of "UnionPay Flash Payment" released 2 years ago, has connected almost all local UnionPay card issuing organizations, promote 15 card-issuing banks APP applicable UnionPay QR code, the cumulative user volume to achieve 1.6 million, into the local people's most favored mobile payment services one of the items.

Along with the change in customer payment methods, mobile payment is becoming a key collaboration between more and more overseas organizations and UnionPay International. Including Hong Kong and Macau, UnionPay International has landed more than 90 mobile payment products in the form of "UnionPay Flash", Pay on cell phones and QR code money clips overseas, with nearly 5 million new users last year, with the key being located in the Asia-Pacific region. One out of every five UnionPay card sales and purchases made overseas are based on special mobile payment tools.

In recent years, UnionPay International has strengthened the construction of intelligent financial service capacity and completed more than 20 intelligent payment integrated service platforms to provide full-step service support for partners to carry out UnionPay business processes, especially in improving the efficiency of mobile payment service projects on the ground. For example, the SaaS cloud automatic card issuance platform has significantly reduced the technical content and cost of offering UnionPay virtual credit cards to partners and has attracted 10 card-issuing banks to connect at this stage; UnionPay International developer community has combined various intelligent financial services with application programming sockets and has been activated hundreds of thousands of times in the last year.


Is Union Pay available worldwide?

UnionPay International has established a QR code acceptance partnership with Network International (NI), the largest acquirer in the UAE, and Mashreq Bank, the largest private bank, in keeping with the digital transformation of the global payments sector.

Can Union Bank be utilized abroad?

You can use your Visa Debit card at the point-of-sale and online because it is a widely accepted payment method. It is more than just a secured ATM card.

How can I pay for something online in another country?

Log in to the online or net banking platform of your bank. Select the [Transfer] or [Funds Transfer] tab. choosing transfers abroad.
If this is your recipient's first time receiving from you, enter their information as a beneficiary (confirmation may take 30 minutes). Additions: •