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WhatsAppBusiness use tips, do not miss e-commerce

WhatsAppBusiness use tips, do not miss e-commerce

WhatsAppMessenger released so far, its easy to use, at a glance, in this extreme replacement of cell phones, short messages, quickly occupied the top of the GooglePlayStore free download list.

What does Business mean?
WhatsAppBusiness is a free application designed for small business managers. It allows companies to easily communicate with users by applying automated technology. Customization is possible for companies with other requirements.

The difference between WhatsAppBusiness and WhatsAppMessage
I. Different labeling
WhatsAppBusiness icon is the first letter "B" of Busniess in the middle, and WhatsAppMessage is a phone icon.
Second, the identification of small talk
Send a message to WhatsAppMessage based on WhatsAppBusniess, and on the WhatsAppMessage chat page, there will be an alert that you are communicating with a WhatsAppBusniess customer.
III. Company Description
In WhatsAppBusiness, you can be equipped with the main parameters of your company information, and be able to see your company information when customers inquire about the content of your message, convenient for customers to grasp you more immediately contact you. It further increases the rate of passing the sale.

The following information content can be added.
1、Detailed address
2、Industry division
4、Working hours
6、Web links
Equipped with the path: Settings>Businesssettings>Profile, all data will be indicated to consumers when inquiring about your store's material.

IV. Statistical analysis of information
In WhatsAppBusiness, you can check the statistical analysis of all messages of the current machine and equipment including: total number of tweeted messages, total number of sent messages, total number of read post messages and total number of received messages. You can easily recognize the level of customer activity.

Setting method: Settings>Businesssettings>Statistics
V. Short links
Business also has a very useful role to make casual conversations easily. Apply short URLs without storing numbers. Just tap on the unique connection and a new session will be gradually made. It is possible to add a default setting message, which is set by default in the message text box to type a specific message when the customer is chatting according to the connection. But the message also ends up having to be pushed by the user tapping the push button.

Equipped route: Settings>Businesssettings>Shortlink
VI. Departure information
The Business application has the AwayMessage function. WhatsAppBusniess also gives a time setting, so that if a customer wants to get to know you within a set period of time, the software will reply automatically.