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5 kinds of communication modules commonly used in the Internet of Things

5 kinds of communication modules commonly used in the Internet of Things


This is normal. It is on your cell phone. Bluetooth is a low-speed, low-power, short-range communication module.

The maximum communication distance is only a few dozen meters, and Bluetooth does not have access to the Internet. It is usually a one-to-one connection, so it is usually used between cell phones and smart watches.


ZigBee is a wireless communication module device with low speed and short distance transmission, very similar to Bluetooth. It is a low-speed, low-power short-range communication module, the communication distance is only a few dozen meters at most.

ZigBee WiFi has the same function as WiFi, but the speed is much lower than WiFi, and the price is also much lower than WiFi. zigBee can be regarded as the low-end supplement of WiFi.


WiFi communication technology is almost a few dozen meters away from us (of course, for some countries, there are super WiFi devices that can transmit information for hundreds of kilometers).

The above three are short-range communication modules, so they are often used in fixed locations, such as indoor situations, the following two for long-distance scenes.

4、4G or 5G module (NB-loT)

4g communication module, just like our cell phone, the cell phone communicates with this communication module, so a phone card needs to be inserted to use nb-lot communication module.

This module has no communication distance limitation, as long as there is a base station can communicate with the Internet, of course, the price is also the most expensive, after all, the cost of traffic.


This kind of estimation is not seen by everyone, but people who have played with drones should know that drones used to use LoRa generally, and the communication distance of LoRa is generally from a few kilometers to tens of kilometers.

LoRa needs to be used in pairs, one round at a time. LoRa is similar to radio, not online, low power consumption, low cost, so now commonly used in the city water meter remote meter reading.


An elementary communication model is what?

The exchange of messages between a sender and a receiver across a medium is referred to as communication. This is the fundamental model of communication. The model takes into account the receiver's response or feedback, as well as the context(s) in which communication occurs.

What is a problem with communication?

What exactly is a communication issue? A breakdown in the person's capacity to effectively communicate their ideas as a meaningful message is referred to as a communication problem. When someone is unable to comprehend or effectively communicate a message being delivered to them, communication issues may arise.

Which seven communication skills are there?

There are seven communication skills that any manager, leader, and worker should possess. demonstrating respect. ... Active listening. ... Positive body language. Request information. Observe proper email etiquette. Be tolerant to others. Give criticism.

How many communicating styles are there?

Assertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, submissive, and manipulative are the five categories for communication styles.

What are the fundamental methods of communication?

There are five steps in the communication process: concept generation, encoding, channel selection, decoding, and feedback. Noise is something that obstructs effective communication.