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How to operate the infrared thermometer inside the ear

How to operate the infrared thermometer inside the ear

1 Infrared thermometer inside the ear how to operate
You have to put on the transparent braun thermoscan ear thermometer tape cover that can be used and lost. The temperature table immediately embedded in the ear, according to the infrared induction in three 2 seconds can be measured to the human body temperature, suitable for infants and children applications. ℃ ~ ℃ 1-15 seconds.
Press the switch power button, clear "ready to mark" has been indicated. Press and hold the double warp button, the camera extends outward and fully automatic set of rubber pads, check whether the rubber pads are damaged, no breakage then in 30 seconds side finished human body temperature.

Within three years old: to pull the ear buy whatsminer m30s++ inside downward and backward, and then embed the temperature measuring head of the ear temperature gun inside the ear. Over three years old (including adults): pull the inside of the ear upward and backward. Place the camera into the ear canal and follow the temperature measurement button for one second, and then relax with a single long beep to measure the temperature.
Remove the ear thermometer, return the double cocking plate quickly, the adhesive pad is fully automatic to get rid of the camera and load the ambient temperature.

How to operate the infrared thermometer inside the ear
2 Application of infrared thermometer plastic prototype inside the ear
The right ear and the left ear glasses degree is likely to be different, please in the same ear temperature measurement.
If you sleep on your side, it is very likely that your ear temperature will be high, so wait a while after you fall asleep and measure the temperature.
Only if there is no blockage or excessive ear wax buildup in the ear can we measure the exact ambient temperature.
Children under 1 year old: Pull the ear back vertically behind the ear so that the temperature measuring head can clearly detect the ear drum.
From 1 year old to adult: Pull the back of the ear upward so that the temperature measuring head clearly detects the ear drum.

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