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Lecture by Nobel Prize Akira Yoshino “Batteries are at the center of the energy revolution”

Lecture by Nobel Prize Akira Yoshino “Batteries are at the center of the energy revolution”

Akira Yoshino and Asahi Kasei Honorary Fellow who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry gave a commemorative lecture at the University of Stockholm on the morning of the 8th. Introduces the development history and prospects of the lithium-ion battery that was the reason for the award. He explained that the era of energy revolution for solving environmental problems is coming, and said, “Lithium-ion batteries will be at the center”.

The commemorative lecture is called “Nobel Lecture” and is related to the award ceremony held on the evening of the 10th. Mr. Yoshino gave the last lecture among the three who won the Chemistry Award at the same time under the title of "Development and Future of Lithium Ion Batteries".

Mr. Yoshino said, “I was convinced that the experiment using carbon for the electrode was successful and could be put on the market as a safe battery,” while showing videos of experiments to investigate the risk of ignition in the past.

Lithium-ion batteries play an important role in solving environmental problems and put emphasis on "Electric vehicles will change the world market significantly." “It is important that the environment, economy, and convenience are developed in the same way,” and electric vehicles and artificial intelligence (AI) broadcast images of the future society that supports people's lives.

After closing the lecture with the words “Lithium-ion batteries will play a central role in the energy revolution in the future,” applause came from the venue. After the meeting, three winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry lined up on the stage and responded to the blessings from the venue.


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