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Nails need health care in life

Nails need health care in life

In addition to the aesthetic interest, having well maintained nails is a sign of good hygiene and limits the risk of yeast infections.

The nails can also give a reflection of our state of health and in particular of our cardiorespiratory state. Finally, certain deficiencies in trace elements or minerals can have repercussions on the condition of the nails.

Healthy nails have a smooth, pink and translucent nail tablet; both hard and flexible. Their maintenance requires a balanced diet, regular care, hygiene and daily attention.

Regularly cut the nails, preferably after the bath or shower, which softens them.

Brush the fingertips and top of the nails daily with a nail brush, water and soap to prevent the growth of bacteria under the free edge and the accumulation of residue in the furrows nail. The brush should be rinsed under running water, allowed to air dry, and changed regularly.

Wear gloves when doing housework:

1.a pair of rubber gloves to protect the hands from detergents;

2.a pair of thin cotton gloves to absorb moisture between the skin and the rubber.

Avoid the use of manicure tools, a source of micro-trauma to the nail. For example, excessive and too frequent regrowth of the cuticles can cause infections. Using a boxwood stick to clean the free edge of the nail can cause the nail plate to come off.

Use colored varnishes and false nails with care:

1.do not use colored varnish without first applying a protective base;

2.avoid applying false nails, which involves the use of glues or resins which weaken the nail and attack the skin, or consult a manicure professional.

Eat a varied and balanced diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Certain nutrients are particularly beneficial for nail health.