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How does an internet payment gateway work?

How does an internet payment gateway work?

Help your online business stay connected to internet-savvy consumers with BSp's internet payment gateway.

Businesses using such digital products can now provide customers with a complete, seamless, and secure checkout process and accept EasyCard and any VISA debit or credit card for payments.

Although they have different characteristics, all online businesses share the same goal of simplifying the online checkout process and instilling confidence in customers through a secure digital payment facility.

Main Features

International Card

Accept VISA debit and credit cards.

Debit card issued by the Bank of Fiji.

Accepts EasyCard and VISA debit cards.

Improve cash flow

Funds are deposited electronically into your BSp account overnight.

Transaction Monitoring

You can monitor all online transactions through the Merchant Portal.

Secure payment gateway.

Use BSp's Internet internet payment gateway to securely process incoming online transactions.


Extended customer coverage.

Geography no longer restricts customer access to your products and services.

Continue to operate outside of business hours to increase sales conversions.

Instant transaction processing.

Through faster transaction processing times, businesses reduce customer wait times and improve customer experience.

Maximize sales.

With 24/7 online payments, customers can shop anytime, anywhere, so you can maximize your sales.

Reduce operating costs.

Reduce costs by automating sales processes and eliminating costs associated with brick and mortar stores.


With an "always open" online operation, businesses can serve customers at all times.

How does the BSp Internet Payment Gateway work?

1. Your customers browse your online store.

2. Select the product they want to buy and add to the cart.

3. The customer continues to checkout and selects BSp payment.

4. Customer enters payment details.

5.BSp verification details.

6. After the transaction is successful, a customer receipt will be generated.

7. Funds are transferred to the designated account of BSp.


Is PayPal a conduit for payments?

Payment gateways, such as Stripe (established in 2011) and PayPal (formed in 1998), operate as the middlemen between businesses and the relevant credit card networks and financial institutions to authorize and collect payments.

Which payment gateways are the biggest?

The top 5 suppliers of online payment gateways are: Fondy, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, 2Checkout, and Adyen. They provide a wealth of useful features that can boost sales by speeding up the checkout process and giving your consumers a variety of payment options in different currencies. a week ago

How should a payment gateway be set up?

How to start providing payment services
Establish infrastructure. Either set up the server yourself or use a third-party server to host your gateway. Sync up with a processor of payments. Construct a CRM. Implement tokenization. ...
Obtain a 3DS certificate from EMVCo. Apply for PCI.