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The same product is cheaper to buy online, will you still influence the choice of an offline shopping?

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With the in-depth integration of online and offline channels, the same pattern can be found online for goods inside and outside the mall. It is worth noting that some of the same items have different prices both online and offline. In addition to integration and complementarity, competition between the two pipelines is inevitable.

Offline shopping also has its own unique advantages, such as no need to wait for express delivery, quality is visible, and payment is safer. The advantage of online shopping is that the product is more complete, and the price of online shopping is cheaper than offline. Would you still choose to shop offline in this situation?

A total of 1,534 respondents participated in an online payment platforms online shopping service survey conducted by China Youth Daily. According to the survey, 51.4% of the respondents frequently shop offline, 47.4% shop occasionally, and only 1.2% rarely shop offline. Why do you choose offline shopping? 61.8% of the respondents said they could try the taste, 54.0% of the respondents felt that the quality was more guaranteed, and 44.8% of the respondents felt that it was suitable to go out to relax and pass the time.

Most people choose to go shopping, mainly because they can relax, play while walking, and try something fun. The most important thing is that the shopping process is very stress-free. The survey shows that 51.4% of the respondents often shop offline, 47.4% of the respondents go there occasionally, and only 1.2% of the respondents basically do not go there. The interactive analysis shows that the post-90s respondents have the highest proportion of frequent visits, accounting for 54.7%, followed by the post-80s (52.9%) and the post-00s (38.7%).

The reasons why respondents choose to shop online are: no need to wait for a courier (52.0%), more variety of product information (47.1%), better service (37.6%), payment Safer (17.7%), with more products (13.0%), etc.

Online and offline pipelines have their own priorities and complement each other. For brands, even if the same online product is priced differently, it doesn’t make a big difference to them, and it’s the same no matter which channel consumers buy from. But for specific pipelines, its impact is very large. Compared with online and offline, online is usually cheaper, so who wants to buy into shopping malls, the performance of brand offline stores can still rise, and where does the salesperson's sales commission come from?

In order to resist online competition and retain consumers, offline stores are also looking for "skills". For example, some salespeople will give consumers in-house discounts based on discounts offered by the store in order to sell items so that the price is lower.

Online shopping has brought a great impact on brick-and-mortar retail. The same brand and the same product appear in both online and offline channels, and there is competition even for the same price. Over time, this strategy will have an impact on the brand, is this competition good or bad? Everything has to be tested by the market.




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