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Electronic payment has become the mainstream of e-commerce payment

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(1) Online shopping malls Online shopping malls, also known as virtual shopping malls, are places where merchants face Chinese consumers through direct use. Online shopping malls display a dazzling array of virtual enterprise products. The virtual goods of the web page are different from American express automatic payments the actual development goods. The actual production goods are physical entities, and the virtual goods are composed of characters and symbols, which can only be seen but not "touched". At present, some company websites in my country make products into a three-dimensional structure, and consumer analysis can study and observe products from different angles. This social commodity feels a little closer to the real commodity of the students.

(2) Logistics distribution Merchants can choose different distribution methods according to the size of the distribution range, close to available direct distribution (this city), remotely available EMS or third-party logistics.

(3) The payment and settlement method determines the flow of funds. At present, the payment methods of B2C e-commerce mainly include door-to-door delivery payment, remittance and electronic payment.

Door-to-door payment is the most primitive payment method. The merchant hands the goods to the customer, the customer checks the goods and pays the merchant cash. For example, dangdang, dhc and other sites support this payment method. The biggest advantage of this payment method is that it does not rely on any payment system, which is very suitable for ordinary consumers to make occasional purchases.

Remittance means that the customer remits money through the postal system or the banking system when the order is completed, and the merchant sends the goods to the customer after receiving the remittance. This payment method has two disadvantages: customers have to go to the postal system or bank again after online shopping; if the customer is not satisfied with the purchased item, it is troublesome to exchange the item. Electronic payment refers to payment by bank card or credit card, which has become the mainstream of e-commerce payment.




Can a business require automatic payments from you?

Know your legal rights. A business cannot demand that you repay a loan through an automated withdrawal from your checking account in order to grant you a loan (unless the loan is an overdraft line of credit). Be aware of companies that want automatic debit payments from you.

How does automatic payment work?

A recurring payment that you set up and manage is known as an automatic payment. Every time, you pay the same amount.

How do I make payments automatically?

Your net banking account allows you to set up automatic payments. The procedure for setting up auto-debit payments varies depending on the bank. You can access the credit cards area by logging into your net banking account. When everything is finished, you may activate the auto-debit feature using the credit card account number.