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Top 10 payment gateways for e-commerce sites

Top 10 payment gateways for e-commerce sites

Providing your credit card details on the Internet has become our casual everyday life today, so people don't think twice about it. But that trust was not won overnight. The need for utilities, online displays and advertising is emerging, which has led to the need for delivery to your door. At the heart of the evolution of e-commerce is the ability to transact over the internet without fear of being spoofed or stealing your details. The main credit for this e-commerce evolution is due to the early payment gateway service providers.


Paypal was founded in 2002 and is currently the most used payment gateway in the United States. It accepts international and multi-currency payments. Some of the reasons businesses choose paypal are brand awareness, security, and easy setup steps. Paypal, although considered the most expensive gateway service, is considered the most common among small businesses and startups. The main feature of paypal is that it can be used in 203 countries; no startup cost, monthly fee (charged by transaction service fee). paypal has a strong anti-fraud team. Multiple suspicious accounts were reportedly frozen based on transaction assessments.


Stripe is considered a formidable competitor and a fast-growing company that will soon catch up to paypal. Stripe was founded in 2010 and is valued at around $20 billion. Stripe offers a trial period for delayed payments. No refunds. It is considered by web developers to be one of the easiest tools to set up, integrate and maintain. Unlike paypal, the Stripe best payment gateway for ecommerce allows customers to stay on-site while paying instead of being redirected to the payment site, providing a seamless customer experience. In addition to being compatible with most payment methods, it also accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Stripe is available in 21 countries because it's still growing.

3. Amazon pay

Backed by a huge brand name, Amazon is fast becoming the go-to for managed payment gateways for small and medium businesses. An Amazon Pay merchant account allows you to access sophisticated fraud protection services. Only available in US, UK and Germany. It facilitates on-site checkout options that enhance the customer experience. Amazon is a simple ApI driver that provides free plugins for e-commerce platforms of multiple solution providers. Amazon provides for using Amazon to attract shoppers, further offering advice and improved customer service.


Authorize is known for its developer-friendly APIs and its flexibility to customize the comfortable user experience. It is considered very secure and promotes its advanced fraud testing suite to prevent chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. It does not limit the transaction amount that offers fast transactions and instant capital transfers. Payment gateways provide fraud prevention and simplicity, including fraud prevention and a simple settlement system. The only difference is that in addition to transaction costs, it also incurs a fixed monthly cost.


Wepay is better known for its crowdfunding service rather than an e-commerce service provider. Wepay's APIs and services are more geared towards crowdfunding portals, simplifying such payments. It allows Apple pay and ACH payments that paypal does not allow; but one major disadvantage is that paypal payments are not allowed. Like paypal, Wepay is a payment aggregator that freezes some accounts based on a transaction evaluation algorithm.


Square is recommended for businesses with a physical environment. They bring together all the payments, software and hardware configurations you need to sell online and in the field. Square's main focus is virtual terminals. It allows you to pay for any device (desktop, mobile, tablet). So for businesses that don't need an online store but need to pay on-site from a convenient device. Square captures users' payment information at the point of sale and routes transactions directly with credit card payment gateways.


The payment gateway ranks among the top credit card processing companies and accepts almost all major credit cards. It facilitates field verification, providing a seamless end-user experience. Firstdata chose to anticipate higher sales in the same way. Firstdata does not display their rates online. You need to define a quota for your business and they communicate rates to you based on the quota. They are considered the most expensive payment gateway services.


2checkout is one of the lesser known payment gateway services. Accept payments operating in over 200 countries around the world, facilitating over 80 currencies. Although more expensive than the competition, it was chosen due to the ease of integrating the facility. There are no monthly or setup fees. Even if international payments are allowed, the conversion rate is 2-5% higher than the average bank rate.

9.Merchant e-solutions (MeS)

Mes provides a simple, integrated solution to protect cardholder information and provide pCI compliance. You can use the point-of-sale payment processing option to manage your offline transactions. Periodic billing and fraud testing are additional services that need to be paired separately. Mes offers integrated check readers, printers and PIN pads, as well as mobile, online and in-person solutions. With end-to-end data visibility, they accept payments in over 150 currencies, avoiding currency conversion costs and facilitating fixed payment schedules.


Securepay started out with an online shopping cart and later evolved into payments in the form of mobile payments and more. It focuses on SMEs and start-ups, using existing shopping carts as a viable solution, offering various types of payment options, as well as simple registration and integration steps. Securepay offers free trial plans, online payments and e-commerce payment plans. These are priced based on the number of transactions processed per month, which is feasible for large volumes.


Which payment processor is ideal for online stores?

8 Top Payment Gateways for Dropshipping Ecommerce Stores in 2022 PayPal.
Use Google Checkout. Apply for Pay.

Which payment processor does Shopify employ?

You can enable Shop Pay if you use Shopify Payments to let consumers keep their shipping and payment information to make the checkout process faster. You may activate accelerated checkout buttons on your Shopify store from a number of different payment processors, including Paypal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Why do most e-commerce attempts fail?

The first reason is straightforward: failing to invest in quality website hosting, expert design, and effective marketing all contribute to e-commerce failure. To receive the best ROI in the beginning, you need a strategy for where to invest.