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Introduction to Postscript for Printed Output


Postscript is developed by Adobe's page description language, its biggest development feature is that we can print contains text, graphics, images, fonts and colors and other cultural elements with a kind of through the computer network data to express and describe,pdf to word converter offline software free download full version and then need to go through the RIP (Raster Image Signal Processor) quickly interpreted as a controllable technology printing material equipment and output The RIP (Raster Image Signal Processor) then needs to be rapidly interpreted by the RIP to control the technical printing material device and the output of the dot matrix structure information. The page design file system described in the Postscript language is called a PS file and has the suffix .ps or .eps.

All data accessible to a Postscript program exists as objects that are generated, managed, and undone by operators. Common objects are integers and real numbers, booleans, arrays, compressed arrays, strings, names, dictionaries, and so on.word to pdf converter online i love pdf The data in the program is stored on the stack and executed through the stack managed by the operator.

After understanding what a Postscript file is, demonstrate the following steps to output a Postscript file in the label maker software:.

In the label production software after the new label,merge word documents online i love pdf the use of software on the left side of the function button, add information on the canvas, preview without problems, click on the print settings button, in the print settings, according to their own needs to customize the settings of the amount of data, the beginning of the page number, the end of the page number, the print method to select the Postscript file, click on "Browse! Click "Browse", customize the location to save the file according to your needs, and click Print.

We can see from the above figure, the desktop output a . PS file. PS file is a Postscript format text files can be opened directly with PS View, you can also use Adobe Acrobat Distiller converted to PDF files.

In the variable data for printing technology systems, the content of each electronic product page (such as text, images, graphics) after a page can describe the language synthesized to produce some of the corresponding variable data printing page, and ultimately did not form a specific data processing documents. Postscript file (PS for short) and PDF files are currently the main storage of variable data printing page commonly used file format.

The above issue is a Postscript file about the introduction. Label production software technology support through a variety of cultural output control methods: PDF documents, TIFF documents, PPML files, Postscript, PRN, etc., in the software after the design of the label, the user information can be analyzed at the same time according to their own needs to choose the appropriate output management.