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How to recover deleted files on computer?

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How to recover deleted files on computer? Have you ever had such a question? Deleting files on computer is a common operation. If you want to recover deleted files, this article tells you different recovery methods for different forms of deletion.combine pdfs for free windows Let's take a look.

For users who are not very good at organizing their computers, once the file system on the computer is saved, it will not only make the computer look cluttered, but also when we need to look for a certain file, we can't find it for half a day. Therefore, for some files that may not be needed again, we will choose to delete them directly, so that they can not only make our computer look clean and tidy,convert scanned pdf to word online free large files but also free up space on the computer, so that the combination of computer technology to use a smoother! However, sometimes it can happen to accidentally delete the situation, such as as an accidentally deleted the important files, so how to recover the deleted files? On this issue, would like to share some methods with you.

How to recover deleted files? There are different recovery methods according to the way we delete it and the time we found it.

1. For just deleted files

If it is a regular right-click delete or "delete" shortcut,pdf editor online we immediately find that nothing is done on the computer. We can press and hold "Ctrl+Z" to cancel the previous deletion, so that the newly deleted data will return to the original location.

2. For files that have been deleted for a while

If the file was deleted in the above way, but we did many other operations on the computer, even if it was just a one-step operation, or maybe it took us a while to realize that the data was deleted by mistake. In this case, the files are often deleted to the Recycle Bin, which we can open by clicking on the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop, find the corresponding file in it and right-click to recover it.

3. For files that have been emptied from the Recycle Bin and deleted by "shift+delete".

In the above two cases, data recovery is relatively simple and you can quickly retrieve deleted files without the help of any tools. However, sometimes the situation will be more difficult, that is, the Recycle Bin has been emptied, or hold down the "shift + delete" shortcut key to delete, in which case the file will not be in the Recycle Bin, then how to recover the deleted files?

Many people may think that the file is completely lost, in fact, it is not. Although the files have been deleted, we can not see, but they are actually quietly saved in the system, but their location is empty, used to store new data. If new data is stored, it is easy to occupy their empty places, that is, to mask them. Generally speaking, they are only really completely lost if they are masked! So, if the deleted files are not overwritten by new data, then they are most likely still saved in the system and we still have a chance to recover them, just with the help of professional data recovery software.

Data recovery software is suitable for a variety of data loss scenarios, such as deletion, formatting, disk partition becomes RAW, system crash, part of the virus infection, etc. It can quickly retrieve lost data from desktop computers, laptops, removable hard disks, USB flash drives, SD/TF cards, and other Windows-compatible devices, and supports recovery of a variety of different types of files, and is simple and easy to use, so that even computer beginners will be able to Even computer beginners can complete the recovery easily. So, if you want to recover deleted files from your computer, download and install this software and follow the steps below to recover files.