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How are menstrual cramps caused? How to relieve menstrual pain quickly?

How are menstrual cramps caused? How to relieve menstrual pain quickly?

Women experience menstrual cramps in their daily lives and it is one of the more common gynecological symptoms. If menstrual cramps are severe, they can lead to other discomforts that can affect a woman's normal life. But how to relieve menstrual pain, let's first understand why menstrual cramps occur.

Causes of dysmenorrhoea

1. Dysmenorrhoea can be divided into two categories: secondary dysmenorrhoea and primary dysmenorrhoea. Primary dysmenorrhoea is more common and means that there is no disease in the reproductive organs. Secondary dysmenorrhoea is usually caused by diseases of the pelvic organs and is associated with dysmenorrhoea.

2. If a woman suffers from uterine dysplasia or narrow ducts, it can also cause obstruction of menstrual flow, resulting in abnormal blood supply to the uterus and lack of oxygen and ischaemia, thus causing dysmenorrhoea. There are also women who suffer from gynaecological diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, which may also cause dysmenorrhoea.

3. In addition, in daily life, when women are under too much mental stress, it may also cause dysmenorrhoea. When a girl has her first menstrual period, due to excessive psychological stress, her blood circulation will deteriorate, resulting in a lack of smooth circulation, which can easily lead to dysmenorrhoea.

4. If you drink a lot of cold drinks and don't pay attention to keeping your lower back and abdomen warm, there will be cold inside your body, which can also lead to menstrual cramps.

Can I take painkillers when I have menstrual cramps?

When menstrual cramps occur, we should not use drugs blindly because there are many causes of menstrual cramps. We need to take the right medication after checking in the hospital and under doctor's supervision in order to get relief from menstrual pain.

Tips for quick menstrual pain relief

Firstly, you can use a hot water bag to warm up your lower abdomen and speed up blood circulation to relieve the pain.

Secondly, you can drink brown sugar water with some sliced ginger, boil it and drink it while it is still hot. This will make the menstrual blood flow more smoothly, reduce the discomfort caused by menstrual cramps and relieve menstrual pain.

Thirdly, if the outdoor situation does not allow, we can prepare a piece of dark chocolate, which also has obvious pain relief effect. Don't eat raw or cold food during menstruation, and massage your abdomen more often during menstruation, which can also promote blood circulation and reduce menstrual cramps.

To really achieve the effect of menstrual pain relief, we need to find out what causes menstrual cramps, and I hope this article can help you.