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How to raise a capable and developed child

How to raise a capable and developed child

In the first ten years of life, the child receives the most knowledge, because his brain forms trillions of neural connections. In addition, the parents themselves can help the child to reach their full potential. How - read the material.

A few tips to help moms and dads develop abilities in a child, published the publication " Oswitoriya ".

Teach your children to recognize their emotions

Emotional intelligence will allow the child to succeed in the world of the future. How to develop it Talk with children about feelings and emotions. So, when you ask a child how you are doing, you can hear - badly or well, which are behind a whole range of emotions. Therefore, ask the child to very accurately describe their feelings and reactions to them.

It will also be useful skill to understand the look. To develop this, select a photo of the views of different people and ask the child to describe how he feels when he sees this look. Eye contact allows you to enter a person into your comfort and communication zone and helps create a situation of trust.

" Put" children on books

How to captivate a child with reading? First of all, read for yourself. If the child has never seen you with a book, you have no chance to interest him in reading. Or turn the reading into a ritual - for an evening fragrant cocoa or in bed before bedtime.

You can also equip a cozy reading corner at home. It can be a comfortable armchair or sofa, a coffee table with a table lamp, an armchair bag and the like. Let the child arrange his own “place of power” where he can hang out with a book.


Or watch movies and TV shows made from books with your child. Then by all means there is a desire to re-read, compare, get a continuation of the story.

Improve baby's memory

Any other learning needs a trained memory. For example, to develop visual memory, ask the children to look at some object for several minutes, then close their eyes and recreate the image with all the details as accurately as possible.

Scientists claim that information is better absorbed if in the future you have to share it with someone. Therefore, it will be useful to maintain a blog or diary where everything that the children learned will be.

Develop creativity

How many parents scolded children for fantasizing, playing, doing things that, instead of teaching lessons, but creativity is one of the most valuable abilities in the modern world.

How to develop creativity? The child should feel like a seeker and discoverer of knowledge. This technique, when children have several ideas or questions on one topic, allows kids to see the situation from different angles, and encourages them to look for "associations of the tenth row."

Creative sphere also develops creativity creatively: music, theater, dances, books and the like. Therefore, if your child dreams of becoming an actor - contribute to this and send him to the theater club.

Develop your child's love of writing

It is worth forgetting for a while about the keyboard and boring recipe, where the child does not want to withdraw the hooks. Children can be fascinated by the following tasks: calligraphically write their own name, create greeting cards, and master cursive writing.


And if the child does not like the exercises for rewriting the text, you can give him a pen-pen - this tool will arouse interest in the child and will form a more serious attitude to writing.


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