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Be careful not to go to the "Long-life bath" or "Die bath"!

Be careful not to go to the "Long-life bath" or "Die bath"!

Recently, the number of people who say "only showers in winter" is increasing, but do you know that "bathing in a bathtub" has an amazing health effect? "By entering the hot water, blood can reach the blood vessels at the end and prevent the body from suffering from coldness. The warming of the whole body increases immunity and also prevents disease. In a bathtub, the delicate water pressure and buoyancy on the body With this water pressure, the swelling of the limbs is eliminated and the buoyancy relaxes the muscles and joints. If you move your neck and shoulders lightly with a warm bathtub, it will also be a good stretch. Doctor in Tokyo)

In addition, bathing bath removes dirt and sebum clogged in pores, keeps cleanliness more than a shower, and is a countermeasure against aging odor. Mr. Takeshi Matsunaga, who has a qualification as a hot spring bathing instructor and works as a “bath expert”, says, “By having a relaxing time in a bathtub, stress can be relieved and the effect of inducing a natural sleep. There is ".

"Natural sleep comes when the body temperature drops a little. When you warm yourself up in the bath and get into bed, this is exactly the situation. There is a research study that lowers blood pressure by 29%, but I think that it is also great that bathing in a bathtub can increase blood flow, reduce stress, or get a good sleep. "

Bathing a bathtub is full of good things-but I would like to say that in the winter baths for middle-aged and elderly people, there is also the danger of death. "According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's demographics and statistics, there were 5,300 elderly people who drowned in bathtubs in their homes in 2018, more than the number of fatalities from traffic accidents. It is said that 19,000 people die from baths annually, including those who died. It is important to note that drowning and sudden deaths are concentrated in the winter months from December to February. "(Medical journalist )

It is said that the cause of drowning and sudden death is that the consciousness is regained due to the "heat shock" caused by the blood pressure drop due to the temperature difference between the bathroom and the dressing room, and "bathroom heat stroke" caused by Nagayu and boiling water. . Matsunaga mentioned above advises as follows. "To prevent heat shock, warm up the dressing room and bathroom before bathing. To prevent heat stroke in the bathroom, it is important to drink water before and after bathing and to rehydrate. To prevent this, you can use anti-slip mats for bathtubs. ''

The temperature of the bath should be 41 degrees or less, and the time for soaking in hot water is about 10 minutes. "Middle and old generations should acquire bathing skills and enjoy a healthy and safe bath time."

You should feel like you're in paradise, but be careful not to go to paradise!


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