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How to protect your skin from the sun

How to protect your skin from the sun

Lindsey Beamish used to be a sun worshipper.I was a beach bum, I loved the water, we had a cottage we were out there all the time. I went to tanning beds. But at just 24 she noticed a change. As I was putting lotion on my legs I noticed a very tiny mole on my thigh had a little bit of redness to it.

I knew it hadn't been there before. Lindsey came to Sunnybrook to see dermatologist Dr. Kucy Pon who removed it, and thankfully .so, as it was skin cancer. Dr. Pon says it's important that we all take precautions, especially knowing skin cancer doesn't discriminate. Seven-four thousand new cases of skin cancer are expected to be expected to be diagnosed this year alone. She says choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor or SPF of at least thirty. 

That will protect you from about 92 percent of harmful UV rays. Higher SPFs will only offer minimal benefit over this. That said, it's more about how you apply and reapply your sunscreen, then what brand you choose. No matter your skin type. In order to get that SPF 30, you have to use 30 milliletres, or one ounce or a shotglass amount of sunscreen to cover an average sized adult from head to toe. It's not enough to rely on the sunscreen in makeup. You won't normally apply a teaspoon's worth the amount needed to cover the face. Dr. Pon says SPF clothing also works. 

The sun protective clothing they have chemicals woven into the fabric that will absorb and neutralize the rays. Or just wearing thicker clothing or a darker colour clothing, it will absorb the UV rays so just putting a shirt or hat on will protect you from sun damage. And during midday and high UV days, try to avoid the sun altogether, all rules Lindsey now lives by. She also advocates that everyone do a regular total head to toe body check. 

I'm so grateful that it on my thigh and it wasn't on my back or the back of my leg. Again that's what also scared me was if it was on the back of my leg or back, who knows what would have happened because I wasn't  checking my skin at that point. And you think, oh, it will never happen to me and when it did, it was definitely a life changing experience. Enough to change her sun habits forever. Now she gets her glow safely, from a bottle, as self-tanners and tinted moisturizers are definitely the way to go. 

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