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Kourtney Kardashian's Nighttime Skincare Routine

Kourtney Kardashian's Nighttime Skincare Routine

Okay, so I have combination skinand my skincare routine is aone, two, three,four, five, six,seven step process.Okay, wait, actually,it's an eight step process.Because my first step is puttingon our Poosh and Aquis Hair Turban,because I use this as,basically a headband,instead of a headband.If I don't wanna wash my hair,and I put it on the silk side,which is the leopard side.Even if I wanna take a shower,when I get home, or take a bath,it's nice to wrap it up in this.And it protects my hair,and keeps my hairstyle for the next day.My second step is,I use this Micellar Cleansing Water.I think there's a lot of differentbrands out there.So, I've tried a bunchand they're all the same.

So, after a long day of working, filming,you know, running around all day,it's so nice to justget my makeup off.Okay, next step isPeach & Lily Power CalmHydrating Gel Cleanser,which has recently becomemy favorite face cleanser.We did it as a Poosh Pick of the Week.And it's very, it doesn't strip your skin,which I've found many face cleanserscan strip and leave myskin feeling really dry.So, this does not,but it definitely makes my skinfeel really clean and, you know,gets my makeup off.(water faucet runs)So, my next step is a face mask.And I love to do,if I have time,I will alternate threedifferent face masks,even in one night.This is the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask.This is one of my favorites.I just alternate masks,depending on what my skin needs.I have always been into masks.My skin can breakout very easily.You know, it's important to me,to use products that areas clean as possible.

Khloe taught me this trick,to put on your neck,to put everything going upwards.Which, I haven't been doing that,my entire life, until,maybe, one month ago.So, that's my new trick.While I have this mask on,I'm not just gonna sit here,and watch the mask dry.So, while I'm doing myentire skin routine,I sip on our Poosh and Vital ProteinsPink Moon Milk,which is collagen.I firmly believe in beauty,from the inside out, so,This is gonna put me to sleep, too.Because it has melatonin in it.It also has ashwagandha,which is an adaptogen,so it adapts to what your body needs.And then, I will also do a lip scrub.And this one is FrenchGirl Rose Lip Polish.I actually got this for my birthday,from one of my friends,who I really trust.And she gave me her favorite products,in a basket.This was one of them.I get a lot of products sent to me,so I am into trying new products.If there's any serums and stuffthat people send me,that I know are amazing products,that maybe aren't good for my skin type,I love to put them on my body.And that is also something I would do,if I just got out of the shower,and I put my mask on.I would take care,and do, like, full serums, on my body,do lotions on my body.I love to do, like,special stuff on my feet,special stuff on my hands.I really do, like, a whole thing.And not waste any time.

So, I leave my mask on for 10 minutes.So, now it is time, it's drying up,as you can see.It's time for it to come off.So, after a lip scrub,I love to put on a lip balm.And I love this Barbara Sturm lip balm.It's very smooth,it's definitely one of my favorites.So, this step, I probablydo about three times a week.This is our Hora and PooshHyaluronic Halo with CBD.So, it's hyaluronic acid,vitamin C, and CBD.And it's a serum.And we spent,probably, I mean, monthsand months creating this.And I put the serum on first.Which, I put the serum on nightly.But I only do the dermaroller three times a week.Again, you go up.Khloe's trick.I always put every product on my handsand chest, as well.So, this is our Horaand Poosh Derma Roller,which I soak in rubbing alcohol for,at least, 10 minutes afterthe last time I use it.And then I rinse it.So, this is teeny, teeny,tiny little needles.And then, I roll.So, I go, like, five times in one area.Then side to side.And this builds collagen,it's really helped with myskin's texture and tone.And it really gets theproduct into your skin.So, it just takes anyproducts that you're usingto the next level.

And it can help lighten any dark spots,which, I definitely get sun spotsbecause I was in Italy, all summer.And, you know, you can only haveso much sunscreen and hats.So, after derma rolling,do not forget to put itinto rubbing alcohol.Then, I take the serum,one more time,and then it really goes in there.This serum is so healing,it's one of my favorite products.Probably my favorite.And for those of you who don't know,we named Poosh aftermy daughter, Penelope.That's her nickname,that we've had for her, for years.And she loves to give me facials.And, you know, she is, you know,I think she's watched me,for her whole life,with taking care of my skin and,you know, we do get hair and makeup done,almost everyday, for filming the show.So, I think she's really seen that,you know, her whole life.I think my mom has always instilled in us,self care and taking care of ourselvesand always taught us, you know,just from young kids,"When you get out of theshower, you put on lotion."She taught us how to shave our legs.

Mason, even, I just went through a wholeskin care routine with him.And we started, we did a mask,we did everything, wewrote down all the steps,we put it in his drawer, in his bathroom,and he loves to do itand feel like, you know,he's taking care of his skin.And I think that it is animportant thing to teachgirls and boys, you know,how my mom taught us,that, you know, to take care of ourselves.Since I have startedusing hyaluronic serum,which is our Poosh and Hora serum,I often don't have to use moisturizer.But if I feel like my skinis dry, then I love thisDr.Barbara Sturm Face Cream Light.Like I said, my skin cantend to break out, so this one, really,does not make me break out.And a fun fact, about me,is that I do not use an eye cream.I just use moisturizer.I really don't love and eye cream.I don't know why.Never have, never will.(soft upbeat music)And my hair is just as it was.

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