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Dishwashing also has ways and means, daily attention to these 4 points

Dishwashing also has ways and means, daily attention to these 4 points

First, the choice of dishwashing tools

We usually the most common dishwashing tools, basically is the wire ball, sponge, wood fibre dishcloth these three categories. However, they are not suitable for all tableware, such as steel wool, if you use steelsponges & scouring padswool to brush ceramic bowls, it is easy to scratch the surface of the bowl, resulting in scratches, leading to the gradual blackening of the bowl, in addition to steel wool can not be brushed with a layer of non-stick pans and other kitchen utensils, or scrape off the layer, the loss of the effect of non-stick. The sponge cleaning cloth is not all the advantages, although it will not leave greasy substances, but the sponge inside the gap, to the bacteria provide the perfect place, so if you use this type of dishwashing tools, be sure to wash, sterilise and change diligently. In addition, there are some pot brushes on the market today with brush handles that can be added directly to the wash by pressing a button. However, I have found after using them that springs are often used in these products to facilitate the pressing of buttons, but the springs are very prone to rust, leading to contamination of the wash, and brushing the dishes with such a wash is very likely to affect our health after a long period of time.

Second, the use of detergent

Many people worry that the chemicals in detergents will be eaten into our stomachs and lead to poisoning. It's true that detergents do need the addition of chemicals to make greasy stains clean quickly, but the way we use them is also crucial. In the use of detergent, must be diluted first, on the one hand, to avoid the local detergent concentration is too large resulting in residual ingredients, and on the other hand, it is also relatively save detergent, and diluted detergent, to a certain extent, can reduce the damage to the skin on our hands, so be sure to dilute before use, otherwise the accumulation of years and years, will inevitably cause qualitative changes.

Third, how to wash dishes

When it comes to this point, we may think "who does not know how to wash dishes", but some people may not be able to really clean. Some friends in the dishwashing only noticed the inner wall eco washing up sponge of the bowl, but neglected to use their mouth will also touch the edge and the outer wall, and the bowl in the stacking of the bottom will be stained with the lower bowl stains, if not cleaned up in a timely manner, wash and then stacked again will contaminate the inner wall. Secondly, the cleaning of chopsticks is also very critical, many people will ignore the chopsticks head, due to the small area, it is easy to let people forget. However, if they are not cleaned, they will breed a lot of bacteria, especially wooden chopsticks, if they encounter such a situation, it is easy to get mouldy and deformed, so you have to clean the chopsticks carefully.

Fourthly, you should control the dry water before storing them

I recommend that you prepare a draining rack, or anatural luffadisposable dishcloth, every time after washing the bowl will be empty or dry the moisture in the bowl and then put into the cabinet. This will ensure a dry environment in the cupboard, so that the residual moisture on the dishes will not lead to humidity, which will cause mould and odour in the cupboard, thus affecting the safety of our use. One more thing to remind you is that if you use a dishcloth to wipe the dishes, it is best to choose a product that does not fall off the flakes, and you should wash and sterilise the cloth diligently, and replace it in time if there are stains that cannot be washed away.

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