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Do sponges have a serious impact on the environment?

Sponge structure materialSponge is widely used in life, cellulose sponge manufacturerso here we may have a doubt that sponge will not have an impact on the environment. Next by the sponge customized manufacturers-Tiannan packaging small series for you to answer the sponge will eventually have an impact on the environment.

Sponge structure material

People commonly use sponges made of lignocellulosic fibers or foam polymers, wholesale Konjac spongebut also natural sponges made of sponge. Most natural sponges are used for body cleaning or painting.

There are three other types of synthetic sponges: low-density polyether (non-absorbent), polyvinyl alcohol (highly absorbent, no visible pores), and polyester. Sponges, a porous material with good absorbency, can be used to clean items.

Eco Sponge, also known as polyester sponge, natural luffa spongehas excellent mechanical strength and unique oil and solvent resistance. Fine and even handfeel, strong tensile strength, oil resistance and aging resistance. Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature-resistant, strong elongation, good elasticity, no odor.

Environmental protection sponge city is that we require in the sponge did not pass this toxic substance, is able to decomposition, this type of business environmental protection technology requirements are relatively high is mainly used in cleaning and bathing above, the main ingredient is to have a wood pulp fiber cell composition, is able to absorb water and natural decomposition, so that does not cause pollution control of the environment.

The effect of sponge:

Now most people like to use the sponge to clean and quote the two aspects of bathing it, then buy sponge when you how to know the environment friendly is not an effect on the environment, then like sponge liner manufacturer of small series to answer this question?

Sponge is a porous material that is absorbent and can be used to clean items. Its main ingredient is wood pulp fiber, can absorb water, natural decomposition, that is, to solve the problem of people bathing with what to clean and cite items. And the sponge is environmentally friendly, does not pollute the environment, saves resources and costs, and can be recycled. Buy sponge how to judge whether the sponge is environmentally friendly? Specific methods are as follows.

Look at the quality: visual color uniformity, regular shape, surface pores of uniform size, feel good elasticity, tension, smooth. Odor: no smell, no pungent odor! Strong odorless surface without irregular pores, no powder for environmental protection materials! 3 Density: odorless density high quality is also more environmentally friendly. So people can use it safely.

Therefore, the sponge is non-toxic, absorbent and can be used for cleaning items. Not only does it not affect the environment, but it can also be recycled over and over again. Because of the sponge material. It is a porous material, widely used in people's daily life products. It will not affect the environment, but with the progress of time and the continuous development of products, it will be widely used in the market. And sponge is a renewable resource, which can be recycled and save cost for manufacturers. And sponge can be widely used in landscaping, so it will not affect the environment. Well! Above is the trivia explained by Bianshao today!

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