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Low-cal diet recipes without dieting can be achieved while eating thin

Low-cal diet recipes without dieting can be achieved while eating thin

I believe we have heard a sentence: three points of exercise seven points of diet, that is, the importance of diet on weight loss, there are many weight loss people seem to think that diet is dieting, which is not the same. Weight loss people's diet must ensure a comprehensive nutritious and low-fat low-calorie, rather than allowing you to eat a meal only an apple. The following side to share with you low-cal weight loss recipes, so you can eat while achieving a slimmer body without losing weight.

1. Low-cal diet recipes: chicken breast mixed rice

This is a favorite recipe for people who lose weight and fitness, chicken breast is rich in protein, easy to be absorbed to enhance physical strength, very suitable for fat loss period, the usual practice is boiled or honey fried method. Mixed grain is also black rice, red rice and other mixed cooked rice, weight loss people should also be appropriate intake of carbohydrates, mixed grain is better than refined rice. A nutritious low-calorie diet recipes can not be missing vitamins, so will increase the fresh vegetables and fruits then protein, carbohydrates, vitamins are available.

chicken breast mixed rice

2. Low-cal weight loss recipes: beef mixed rice

Weight loss people to protect the intake of balanced nutrition, this dish is very simple, the ingredients include lettuce fried beef, okra, mixed grains and small tomatoes. Beef amino acids, protein is very rich, can strengthen the bones, nourish the spleen and stomach function. Lettuce diuretic, anti-storage, and rich in vitamins, carotenoids. This recipe also contains a comprehensive nutrition, eat healthy.

beef mixed rice

3. Low-cal diet recipes: corn and tofu salad or fruit and tomato salad

Salad has always been the weight loss people, fitness people are one of the favorite recipes, there are many ways to do salad, here are recommended these two commonly eaten salads. One is corn and tofu salad, diced cucumber, cut tofu into cubes and fried golden brown, then crumbled tofu, add salad, spices, sea salt and corn kernels, cucumber dice and stir. A tomato salad is easier to make by shredding your favorite vegetables, or adding broccoli and other seasonings, or adding shredded chicken breast if you need meat. Salad is very suitable for dinner, low-calorie and low-fat.

 corn and tofu salad or fruit and tomato salad