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Jumping rope for weight loss burns body fat and promotes good health

Jumping rope for weight loss burns body fat and promotes good health

Jumping rope to lose weight is a common and very popular ladies like a weight loss exercise, do not underestimate the jump rope, its fat loss effect is not worse than running. Jumping rope ten minutes of exercise effect is equivalent to jogging half an hour, is not very effective? It also allows the body muscles to relax and be effectively exercised to become more evenly balanced, but also can make the body more healthy.

Jumping rope to lose weight and master the right movements

Jumping rope is really good for shaping and losing weight, but if you don't do it right, it's the equivalent of eating chronic poison. Therefore, we should pay attention to mastering the key elements of rope skipping, how the wrist should swing, such as landing on the knee to half bend, jump landing are forefoot, can cushion the impulse to reduce the knee and ankle vibration injury, etc., to understand the attention of rope skipping to lose weight, the action requirements, do accurately not only can protect the effect of weight loss, but also will not hurt the knee to hurt the body, scientific exercise more safely.

Jumping rope to lose weight and master the right movements

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Jumping rope to lose weight need to be appropriate amount of action

Some people who have not exercised for a long time jump rope exercise body is certainly good, but can not start to do thousands, the body can not stand, may be too fast heart rate heart rate, but physical discomfort. The most appropriate way is for beginners to jump 20 times per set, 4-5 sets. Rest for 30 seconds after each set, then continue with the next set. When the body has adapted to the intensity of rope skipping, then increase the number of times and sets of rope skipping.

Jumping rope to lose weight with stretching

Stretching before and after jumping rope is very crucial, stretching before jumping rope is to avoid muscle tension in the state of sudden movement strain, stretching after exercise plays a role in relaxing muscles and joints, calf is not easy to form muscle legs. The length of stretching is generally 10 minutes, but if it is too short, the effect will not be achieved.

After jumping rope, many people are more tired, like to sit down at once, this is not recommended after exercise immediately squatting, you can stand a little bit of relief and then rest. Jumping rope to lose weight is a very convenient and quick way to exercise, downstairs to the community to jump rope for half an hour, or rope-less jumping rope at home can also be. Jumping rope exercise can accelerate the consumption of fat, with low-fat, low-calorie correct diet to lose weight faster, so you have a good body and health.

 Jumping rope to lose weight with stretching

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