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Why is your computer getting slower? These six points are difficult to check, it is difficult to slow down the system

Outdated hardware

Computer knowledge or laptop after a long time of use, there will generally be slow startup, slow response to these developments, for students computer experts, these problems are hairy, but most of our business user information is through the computer in this area of education and technology of the white man, on this it seems to be at a loss, can only be will be used.

In fact, this problem is very easy to deal with, there are many ways, today we will learn how to quickly deal with slow computer startup, slow response and other issues.

The most fundamental reason for slow startup and slow response of the computer

The first thing we need to do is to find out what causes the computer to run slower? In fact, the reason is very simple, basically the following six points.

Outdated hardware

This means that the computer has been used for many years, or five or six years, or more than eight or nine years, the computer hardware is obviously backward, but the various software in the computer does update from time to time.

Fixed configuration of hardware resources, the continuous development of updated software, this is the other side of the coin, so the mainstream market configuration of the community's computer technology or a laptop, generally need about three years to learn after the situation will show China's slowdown (here only the mainstream configuration, excluding the top configuration, the top configuration of the computer, more than ten years of the problem may still be very smooth).

Solution: Some hardware can be upgraded to improve computer performance, if the hardware has been behind the times, and their computer requirements are very high, it is recommended to directly replace the computer.

Too much system garbage

Every software in the computer will produce garbage. In the long run, a lot of such garbage, especially the software installed on the c-disk, resulting in a large amount of system garbage, so that the c-disk volume is getting bigger and bigger.

Solution: Get into the habit of cleaning up the system on a regular basis.

Too many self-starting applications

In the daily maintenance, Fan has seen many teachers, installed on the computer many, many kinds of software, dozens or even hundreds of software.

This is not our focus, the focus is through a lot of corporate software, are self-starting state, that is, a boot using these activities self-starting software technology is open, such as Xunlei, browser (a student computer installed five or six browsers), QQ, music and video players.

The more self-starting software, the more hardware resources used,investintech free online pdf to word converter the computer will certainly run slower.

Solution: Prohibit unnecessary self-starting applications, uninstall the bundled software and basic non-use of software.

Hard disk aging

This is not common, but it is not uncommon, especially for mechanical hard disk drives. Aging, or the quality of the hard disk itself, there are problems. The road is getting worse and worse, seriously affecting the speed of the computer.

Solution: Use software to detect the hard disk, if it can not be repaired, it is recommended to replace the hard disk with a new one.

The Windows system carries its own flaws

Unlike Apple, Windows has an inherent flaw: the longer you use it, the larger the system's disk, the more redundant the system's garbage and files, especially the registry redundancy and the Windows folder is larger, which directly leads to the system is getting slower and slower and more and more cards.

Solution:Redo your computer system. If you use your computer every day, it is recommended to redo your system once every six months, or just install a new system and make a Ghost backup, so that you can restore your system directly to the best state when it becomes slow.

In fact, redoing the computer system is not difficult, Fan wrote a lot of graphic tutorials on computer system installation, interested friends can follow, the steps are very detailed.

The impact of dust

This is also most friends do not pay attention to. If the computer mainframe in a relatively small place, a year will not take out once.

There are several fans in the computer host, will be directed towards the target host for internal blowing in order to give all aspects of hardware cooling, such will accelerate the host inside and outside the environment of the air circulation, but at the same time we will need to bring a lot of dust inside the host, the long-term development of the various parts of the hardware design will be the accumulation of society a lot of dust, especially the CPU and graphics cards (because they do not have them have a separate fan).

Solution: Every few months, give the host a dust cleaning.

In fact, there are many reasons why computers slow down. These are just a few of the main reasons, and you need to judge them according to your specific situation.