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How to solve the problem of messy code in pdf to word document conversion?

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Word as the highest application of office software, its advantages are recognized worldwide. But sometimes you will often find that other people pass over the document are PDF format, can not be edited. It is because PDF has the best compatibility, the highest color reproduction, the best printing, the most supported platforms, the best readability of the five major advantages. Therefore, convert scanned pdf to word online free has become a must-have skill in the workplace. Although it is noble to say that we just need a PDF converter to solve this problem.

PDF Converter can support inter-conversion between PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, PDF to HTML, PDF to Image and more than 10 formats. And the operation is simple, efficient and effective conversion. So manpower a PDF converter can be said to be crucial scanned pdf to word converter online.

When faced with a PDF file, we all want to convert it to a Word document format, because this will be able to edit the PDF file, but there are many friends will be in the PDF file when you see the problem of random code, this is how it happens? I believe that this random code is that we have been confused, and even many people will buy a member to complain about the poor converter, conversion are random code and so on.investintech free online pdf to word converter Today I will reveal some of the simplest reasons.

Why convert random code?

1. that your pdf document is a scanned version of the pdf document, that is, made from scanned images, due to the general pdf conversion software can not be recognized, the use of resulting in garbled or text overlap;

2. pdf file is not embedded in a lot of fonts, if you PDF file embedded in one or some fonts in your operating system does not, then convert out of the word file will generally appear garbled. Although some text with some fonts after special processing will become wind very artistic, but in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, we try to use the system commonly used several fonts;

3. A lot of special symbols. Here is a special reminder of this full-width characters. Maybe you think there is no problem at a time. But careful friends will certainly find that these text placeholders are different from the usual, the position are a little wider. Although there may not be a big difference in reading, but in the conversion process this is also a big aspect of one of the reasons. So we need to develop good editing habits: half-corner input.

4. special text personalized, after the patchwork combination into a strong sense of art graphics, many input methods will have this function.

There are also a few years ago, the Mars text quickly hot up. Sometimes even you do not recognize the words.

5. foreign language documents, foreign language means non-Chinese, English, these words. Maybe some people are doing trade, with some other countries to communicate, or sign a contract will be used, or some foreign language enthusiasts, foreign language training will appear.

Of course, do not think that only foreign, our domestic Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur, Miao and other characteristics of the most representative.

6. After some editors on the network, a very good format after editing directly copy and paste over the special format, although you may not feel wrong when editing. But after the conversion may appear after this garbled situation.

Learn to troubleshoot the above reasons, you can basically perfectly solve the PDF conversion mess. If you still can't solve it, please submit the manual conversion.