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If you know how to use a vacuum cleaner, you must also know how to maintain it. Here are some maintenance tips recommended

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Household vacuum cleaners have long become one of the indispensable small appliances for home furniture,wet dry stick vacuum which can provide us with a clean furniture environment. However, the vacuum cleaner itself must also be cleaned. Many people cannot ignore the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner, but they do not know that in the long run, this will greatly increase and reduce the life of the vacuum cleaner, and also consume consumables, which is not in line with the core value concept of environmentally friendly buildings, energy conservation and green environmental protection. It will also increase the cost of educating everyone. The butler below will tell you how to "maintain" the vacuum cleaner.

Immediately remove the dirt and dust removal accessories in the dust removal box. After each cleaning,wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home thoroughly clean the dust in the dust removal box with water heated by detergent, and then dry it immediately. It is forbidden to use an uncomfortable dust removal box.

Application equipment should be handled with care and should not be subject to external collisions; after dust removal, check whether the air inlet is blocked by the sewage pump or has dirt. If there is dirt, it must be removed; when the equipment is stopped, it should be placed in a naturally ventilated and Dry place.

When cleaning the equipment, when wiping with a damp cloth containing water or neutral detergent, it is forbidden to immerse the server head in water for cleaning; it is forbidden to use irritating detergents such as gasoline and daily water, otherwise it will cause the shell to crack.

If the vacuum cleaner is used for a long time, the suction power will decrease due to clogging of the cotton gauze. In order to better avoid the decrease in suction power, we should regularly clean the filter cotton with tap water, and then place it in a ventilated place to dry before use, so that the suction power can be restored.

When using a vacuum cleaner for a long time, the MIF filter element should be cleaned regularly. The mesh of the filter element is small, but it will affect the suction of the vacuum cleaner. Remove the MIF filter element and place it on the edge of a trash can, and bump it gently. , so that the dust in the MIF filter element can be eliminated. Never use the tap water system to clean the filter element.

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