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International express what logistics, international express what transportation


International express usually refers to a variety of modes of transportation of goods to foreign countries, and then delivered to domestic destinations through the local partner companies abroad, but also a very popular form of logistics and transportation. So what is international express logistics? Here are some details.

What are the logistics of international specialized courier

The more common international travel line business logistics on the market are: the United States through the line, Mexico line, European data line, Canada line, Japan education line,国際輸送 South Korea network line, Singapore company line, Australia line, Brazil line, Latin America line, Central Europe line, Russian customers line, Israel line, Turkey line, Thailand line way and so on, the basic content covers the current road mail Basically, it covers all our countries which are popular.

What modes of transportation are available for international express?

Air transportation:

That is to say, transportation from China to the destination by cargo plane or loadable passenger plane, direct flight or transit station, delivery after customs clearance. The timeframe is slower and more secure than international express.

Sea freight line:


There are two modes of transportation for Ocean Freight: Full Container Transportation and Bulk Container Intermodal Transportation. For large products or large quantities of goods, ocean transportation has the lowest cost, but the time limit is slower, so we should reserve more time!

Specialized railroad lines:

Cargo transportation with the help of intercontinental railroads is also the most popular way in Europe in recent years. Transportation by European railroads follows established routes, arriving first in the corresponding country to unload the goods and then handing them over to the local logistics provider for shipment. The cost and timeliness are moderate and cost-effective;

Express dedicated line:

Express enterprise dedicated line dedicated channel is mainly sea and air transportation channel, sea transportation is generally by the domestic research port can be sent directly to the port of destination, and then choose to distribute the product through the truck / train information.

The dedicated line operation process

Generally is a single, pick up and shipment, in-transit tracking, reach the signing of the four processes, single is to receive the customer's logistics orders, pick up and shipment is the above pick up and shipment back to the company's warehouse operations, packing and delivery to the airport transportation. After the shipment, you can track the goods through the logistics single number, after the goods arrive at the destination can be handed over to the recipient to sign for, the entire freight forwarding process comes to an end.