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9 most recommended pcb board china in 2024

ACEIRMC 10pcs USB Type-C Breakout Board Serial Basic Breakout Female Connector Type PCB Converter Board

Price: $9.69
Prototype PCB Fabrication

The upgraded USB-C breakthrough board has powerful power,three times the power as much as previous USB.

Easy to integrate the USB-C connector into your project without soldering every tiny SMD pad,Easy to solder to the through-board terminals The USB-C breakthrough board can be reversible.

That can easily solve the general frustrating problem of USB cables.

The USB breakthrough board can adds resistance to the original foundation The USB Type-C Breakout Board contain VBUS, GND, CC1, CC2, D+ and D- pins,In total of 6 USB-C connector that can be connect 0.1" pitch connector.

Worked perfectly, The board can provide up to 1.5A nominal power and up to 3A power.

Depending on the upstream equipment.

Can definitely be used to convert keyboards to USB-C Detachable The USB Type-C board can be used to replace the charging port on the astro a50 headset.

PCBs quality and the contacts soldered with ease.

Used these to convert 10pcs USB Type-C Breakout Board Serial Basic Breakout Female Connector Type PCB Converter Board

Component Fun Kit with E-Book by WayinTop Electronics, Upgraded Electronic Starter Kit with Jumper Wires for Breadboard, PCB Soldering Kit, LEDs & Resisitor Kit for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, ESP8266

Price: $19.99

【The Most Complete Electronic Starter Kit】The selection of components supports an enormous range of projects in the most comprehensive way possible.

includes a PCB soldering kit, a breadboard jumper wire kit, an LED and resistor kit, and other helpful parts like a capacitor, diode, photocoupler, button, buzzer, potentiometer, etc.

really simple to begin going!

The breadboard power supply, which may be powered by a 9V/1A DC converter or a USB power connection, powers the starting kit's core module.

This power module is the foundation for experiments with lamps, digital display tubes, diodes, buzzers, and PCB soldering.

The breadboard, power supply, pin header, and several types of jumper wires, such as ribbon cables, U-shaped wires, and solderless flexible wires, are all included in our breadboard jumper wires kit.

With these, you can conduct a variety of circuit experiments.

【Single-Sided PCB Board, Double-Sided PCB Board, Solder Wire】In addition, you can learn how to solder blinking and running LEDs.

【Stable Technical Assistance】 Comprehensive guides and datasets are available at no cost; please email us at any time to obtain the electronic documentation, which will help you learn to code and program more quickly and easily with all the parts.

Ten Cermant 7 * 9CM Double Connection Hole PCB Board Prototype Board Blue Single-Sided Circuit Boards Set A Do It Yourself Electronic Project and Experiment Kit

Price: $9.99

The dimensions of the object are approximately 7.9x0.16cm/2.76x3.54x0.06 inch (W x L x H).

The holes are (1 strip hole + 2 strip hole + regular hole + huge hole): 24x4+24x14+22x2+12.

The thickness is approximately 1.6 mm.

The hole diameter is around 1.0 mm and 1.4 mm.

The hole pitch is approximately 2.54 mm and 5.08 mm.

The pad cannot slip off since the material is completely FR4 full glass fiber plate with copper foils that have been tin-plated for strength.

The following electronic components and equipment are changed or repaired: integrated circuit, diode, transistor, LCD modules, optoelectronic displays, capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, LED displays, electronic accessories and supplies, electronics stocks.

Plated through-hole design and simple soldering ensure that this board won't lift off the PCB under typical soldering circumstances.

Ten pieces in a package 7*9 cm Prototype PCB Board

20 pieces of ANMBEST C45 PCB DIN Rail Mounting Adapter Circuit Board Bracket Holder Carrier Clips for 35mm and 15mm Din Rail.

Price: $13.99

A C45 PCB DIN rail mounting adapter is a tool used in industrial and automation applications to mount printed circuit boards (PCBs) onto DIN rails.

Size: 43x10x19 mm/1.69X0.39X0.75 inch; DIN rail 35 mm (C45 Rail), 15 mm adapter.

PCB carrier, base PCB holder for panel mounting.

PCBs can be securely and consistently attached to the DIN rail using this adapter.

Fast and simple installation is possible on C45/DIN rail.

Suitable for mounting PCB boards that are less than 100 mm in length and width.

PATIKIL 1.2" x 1.2" PCB Board Circuit, 24 Pieces Prototype Perfboard Solder Boards for Electronic Project Circuit Boards and Do-It-Yourself Soldering Connectable Breadboard, Verde

Price: $6.99

Shade: verdant Composition: FR4 Glass Fiber, Dimensions: 3.2 × 3 cm (L*W), 1.2 x 1.2 inches The PCB board is 0.05 inches (0.1 cm) thick, with a hole width of 0.04 inches (0.1 cm) and a pitch of 0.1 inches (2.54 mm).

The package contains 24 PCB boards.

Benefit The PCB boards are constructed from premium FR4 fiberglass, and all copper foils have been tin-plated to increase strength, avoid pad peeling, and resist melting during soldering.

The prototype board is extremely flexible; it connects electronic components in any way and lacks a pre-planned circuit board architecture or routing routes.

Four corners have mounting holes, the board row has pre-plated holes that are tinned, and the column with the labels "ay" and "1-110) is made to be easily operated.

Instructions: Pre-drilled, cleaned, cut and drilled to length, then welded for do-it-yourself point-to-point welding.

Prototyping circuits is made quick and simple with perfboard.

By inserting in electronic parts, joining wires, and soldering, you may quickly assemble a prototype circuit board.

Application: This versatile PCB prototype empty board is perfect for point-to-point DIY IoT projects, hobby testing, electronics experiments, Raspberry connectivity performance boards, DIY projects, and other electronics experiments.

It can be used to solder LED diodes, integrated circuits (ICs), connectors, resistors, sensors, and other electronic power components or devices with 1-inch pin spacing.

It should be noted that while creating your own electronics projects, experiments, and do-it-yourself projects, different sizes can match your demands.

Soldering Clamp with Adjustment Circuit Board Holder Motherboard PCB Holder This 360-degree rotating PCB frame stand clamp is printed to assist with hand soldering repairs.

Wide Range of Use: The SN-390 soldering clamp holder is an indispensable soldering aid for repairing electronic toys, computers, cellphones, and appliances.

The perfect kit for PCB soldering and desoldering rework is the PCB board holder.

Excellent Content: The base stand of the circuit board holder is composed of metal, which will aid in offering a steady grip while soldering.

The four rubber non-slip pads are able to grip the ground and ensure that it doesn't shake.

The ABS side stand of the PCB holder slides smoothly as the width is changed.

Different Board Dimensions: The PCB holder soldering tool can accommodate PCB boards of various sizes because it comes in four different thicknesses: 1.2, 1.8, 2.0, and 3.0 mm.

The soldering holder can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of circuit boards, with a maximum adjustable width of 200mm.

360° Rotation: To fully access both sides of the circuit board, the soldering assistance hands can be rotated 360°.

Additionally, PCB holders make soldering more convenient and increase productivity by fixing the position you need.

After-Sale Support: We offer a 6-month warranty for soldering clamp holders.

Please message us with any questions you may have, and we will get back to you right away if the PCB board holder isn't working properly.

Teansic 2 Pcs RJ45 Female Network Connector Solderless 8P8C Terminal,Quick Press Type RJ45 to 8 Pin Data Adapter Connectors with PCB Board

RJ45 8P8C Female Connector -- Fixed RJ45 female connector can effectively shield external electromagnetic signal interference, with good signal stability and reliability.

Press type screwless spring connection -- RJ45 female solderless quick connect adapter with 8-pin spring crimp terminal does not need to physically solder or use screws, which can save time for installation.

Easy installation -- Both the 8-pin solderless spring crimp connector and the RJ45 female connector are soldered to a PCB board, a tiny board that is better suited for tight locations and contains mounting holes that allow it to be more secure and ensure a stable connection.

Customizable Pin Function -- The RJ45 to 8-pin solderless connector features an open wiring port, which allows you to freely design the pin function, whether it is EIA/TIA or T568A/B.

Wide Applications -- This RJ45 8P8C network port terminal block solderless connector is used to expand CAT5/6 Ethernet, routers, PCs and other network video transmission devices, UTP cables, CCTV cameras, audio and video analog, GPIO interfaces, and other functions.

Standoffs for motherboards Pack of 50 plastic PCB mounting feet, L-shaped PCB fixed standoffs Circuit Board Insulation Spacer for PCBs with 100 pieces of screws

Price: $10.99

There are one hundred screws and fifty standoffs.

and employed for PCB board repair.

MATERIAL: PCB standoffs are composed of sturdy, long-lasting insulating polymers.

SIZE: The insulated PCB spacer measures 20 by 20 by 9 mm, or 0.8 by 0.8 by 0.35 inches (LxWxH).

20 mm / 0.8 inch is the supporting height.

FOUR SCREWS HOLES: Each L-shaped PCB board mounting foot includes two screws for quickly and conveniently attaching the circuit board to other surfaces.

APPLICATIONS: Circuit Board Standoffs are perfect replacement parts for gaming console motherboards, video boards, and other components, and they provide you a great lot of convenience.

Hayward Aqua Rite Salt Systems (MAHUIBIN GLX-PCB-RITE Main Printed Circuit Board GLX-PCB-Main Replacement)

Hayward part number aftermarket replacement component PCB-GLX-RITE The primary printed circuit board.

Accommodates the Hayward / Goldline Aqua Rite Chlorinator.

Compatible with both Mineral Springs and Naturesoft systems.

Installing it is easy; refer to the owner's handbook for details.

Fit only with T-Cell-3, T-Cell-5, T-Cell-9, or T-Cell-15 machines.

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