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These 9 practical office tips will make you productive a step faster!

Convert Word to Excel File

Have you found any tricks when you use your office? I've compiled 9 office tricks to share with you, there is always one you can utilize that is helpful in improving our productivity.

Tip 1: Merge multiple Word files in your business

If you need to collect data, the need to merge multiple Word into one save or print such an operation, copy a copy and then merge, which will take a lot of time, we can follow the steps below.


Open a blank document, select Insert, click the object, select the text in the file, and then select the words to be merged.

Tip 2: Convert Word to Excel File

Is it unusual to convert Word to Excel? What do you do if this happens? Take a look at my operation.


Open Word, click Start, click Save As, select the save location, and then change the save type to Single File Web Page (*. mht*.mhtml)], click Save; Next, create a new Excel and import the saved web page file.

Tip 3:Quickly insert separators in Word.

This research method we should carry out very few people know, the usual life needs to be added by adding a separator line, is not to insert lines, and then drag the mouse to draw a line, accidentally the line will also draw a crooked, and then to redesign the adjustment, it will affect the more troublesome.convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobat In fact, it is possible to turn the three aspects of the continuous symbol into a divider oh.


To insert a divider in the place where the three symbols, the following chart, the left side of the three symbols entered, and then press 【Enter】, it will become a separator, the right side of the picture is the left side of the symbols change from the oh.

Tip 4: text conversion form

If you need to turn part of the document into a form, you can follow the steps below.


To convert text to table, use consistent symbols to separate it as needed, or use spaces to separate it. Then select the text, click Insert on the toolbar, and select the table, click [Insert Table] and it will be converted automatically. If the separator is not even, it will affect the conversion effect of OH.

Tip 5: PDF to Word

If the enterprise wants to convert PDF to Word format, because office does not have PDF software, so the need for our teachers can be at the same time with the help of third-party conversion software to analyze this technical operation.

[operating steps

Open the General PDF Conversion Assistant, click [General Features], select [PDF to Word], add PDF files to convert the format, you can add multiple files for batch conversion, and then click to start conversion.

Tip 6: Excel with annotations

If you have a lot of Excel content, then you would like to add to some panes, but it is a waste to create new rows or columns for a few panes. If you are sharing Excel, changing the format may cause problems for your classmates or coworkers, this time we use the annotation tool, move the mouse to a specific pane can see the added content without affecting the view of other panes.


open the form, select the pane to add annotations, click "Review", select "New Notes", and then enter the text in the text box.

Tip 7: Excel freeze pane

Excel content is too much, you need to look at a line or a column to know what should be entered in this position. At this point, you can choose to freeze the pane.


Select the pane to be frozen, and then click "View" to choose to freeze the pane. You can choose to freeze the split panel, freeze the first line, freeze the first column, you can choose according to their needs.

Tip 8: Remove PPT animation teaching effects with one click

Do you sometimes like to add animation effects in your Powerpoint presentation? However, things happen. When there is not enough time to lecture, the animation effects will take up a lot of time. If you find that you do not have enough time to delete the animation effects one by one before the lecture, and maybe the time is not enough, then use the following method to press a button to cancel all the animation effects.


Click [Slide Show], select [Set Slide Show], then click [No Animation Show] and click [OK].

Tip 9: PPT Batch Import Images

If you need to add multiple photos to PPT, you can do so.


Open PPT, click [Insert], select [Album], check the pictures you want to add and click [Create].

That's my 9 suggestions for today. What do you think? You can try it if you need it.