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I have the consciousness of protecting my skin and don't want to do harm to my skin


I have the consciousness of protecting my skin and don't want to do harm to my skin, stainless steel spongebut I don't know how to protect it and how not to do harm. This is a common situation in dermatology at present.

Knowing that you use a sponge instead of a towel and a steel ball shower shows that you are still conscious of protecting your skin. The sponge is still soft.

But don't forget that sponges have friction and are used for dust removal. Sponges are less harmful to the skin than steel balls, but they can also damage the skin. For some adults with rough skin, sponges may be fine, but for babies and young children, sponges can only cause enough harm.

Coupled with the cleaning effect of shower gel, the damage is even greater.

Similarly, use facial cleanser or facial cleanser, and use weakly acidic facial cleanser that does not even foam; Wash your hair with shampoo, and use shampoo with weak acidity or even no foaming; Wash your hands with hand sanitizer, and wash your hands with weak acid foam-free hand sanitizer; The company does not use washing powder to wash face, hair and hands, but to avoid using alkaline detergent on face, scalp and hands.

Experience tells us that foaming detergent, washing clothes cleaner, but also more“Hot”. Foam cleansers, shampoos, and hand sanitizers are less protective of the face, scalp, and hands. The more ash you remove, the less sebum you retain and the greater the potential damage to your skin.

Although one fifth of the 21st century has passed, there are still some old people who wash their hair and face with laundry detergent, soap, soap and sulfur soap, and some people use so-called handmade soap.

Even some hand sanitizers with baby sanitizer labels can cause damage to your opponent, especially those with foam, which means more damage if your hands dry after washing.

Skillfully make tables and chairs and foot pads

If the tables, chairs and stools in the home are not uneven themselves, or if companies are worried about scratches on the Chinese floor, ask for 100 pieces of clean cloth, and a miracle will happen

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