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The development of manufacturing industry is inseparable from technology, injection molding technology was born

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First, hot runner system molding

Generally speaking, the pouring system of a mold consists of four parts, namely, small business online payment processingmain flow channel, manifold, cold flow channel and gate. Hot runner casting system is a hot runner casting system which uses the insulation or heating of the runner to keep the plastic molten from the nozzle to the gate of the injection machine. Only the plastic part needs to be removed when the mold is opened and the condensate of the pouring system does not need to be removed.

The second type, hot firmware plastic can be molded by injection technology

Thermoplastic injection molding machines are well suited to solve the heat resistance and electrical insulation characteristics of thermosetting plastics, and can shorten the injection molding time. The quality of plastic parts is so good that many plastic parts are used in appliances and instruments inlaid with metal, and care must be rapid moldingtaken to prevent the removal of excess volatiles and to take measures to prevent spillage and drainage.

The third type, co-injection molding

Using two or more injection molding systems of injection molding machines, which can be different local varieties or different colors of plastic together or successively injection molding a mold molding method is co-injection molding technology, can be used to produce a variety of composite plastic products, so there are multi-color injectors. Of course, the classification can also be divided into two-color injection molding and two-layer injection molding.

Fourth, gas-assisted injection molding

Gas for assistance is in the mold cavity after the injection of part of the plastic melt, immediately after we go through the nozzle and flow channel to compress the air method, so that students can get m30s++themselves to develop a sandwich of products, the existence of problems an air layer then teachers can directly obtain a high strength plastic parts, in the car and building construction materials often need to use.

The fifth, foam molding technology

Foam molding is to inject foam into the cavity, and then add nitrogen or blowing agent to the cavity to form a mixture of polymer melt, filling the cavity with gas foam. The molten gas comes into contact with the mold wall at low temperature and splits and expands in the mold cavity, forming a plastic part with a dense surface and an internal foaming structure.

The sixth type. Other Technologies

Bmc injection moulding, reaction injection moulding, laminated moulding, injection cad cam, these are all developing technologies, traditional processes combined with computer technology can be used for the whole process of modern plastic mould production, production management and technology can be optimized, this is the emergence of new technologies of modern injection moulding.


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