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Comfortable exercise weight loss methods to make summer have a slim and good body

Comfortable exercise weight loss methods to make summer have a slim and good body

Spring has arrived, summer will be far away? Summer body contest is also about to open, love the beauty of friends want to wear beautiful skirts, wear small suspenders and hot pants, revealing tight show legs, arms, good body can be achieved through exercise weight loss methods, but you need to persist and then persist.

1. Exercise weight loss methods: swimming

If you do not like the feeling of sweating sticky, you can try swimming, swimming is a very comfortable full-body exercise, in the swimming process, the whole body muscle groups are in motion, exercise in the consumption of excess fat consumption calories will not grow fat, but also exercise muscle so that the shape becomes symmetrical, can also enhance lung capacity, so that people have a good mental tone.


2. Exercise weight loss methods: climbing stairs

This exercise is very suitable for sedentary office workers, long time not exercise exercise body in a state of tension, do not think there is no time to exercise on not exercise, but learn to use the limited time to see the needle. For example, when you eat a full lunch need to digest and lose weight, climbing stairs in the office building, or in the office to do climbing stairs exercise, squeeze out the time to exercise than sitting still is much better. Climbing stairs on the role of weight loss is stronger, every day adhere to the movement of climbing stairs can consume calories to accelerate weight loss, but also allows the hips to become more warp, this is the benefits of exercise and exercise.

climbing stairs

3. Sports weight loss methods: jump rope

Jumping rope can be said to be the most popular way of exercise, zero cost unlimited time, as long as there is time can do. And now there is no rope skipping, indoor mat jumping rope will not affect the downstairs, the key is to adjust to prevent a variety of diseases, can enhance the heart and lungs, the nervous system and other functions. Jumping rope for half an hour is equivalent to jogging more than an hour of exercise, is a rapid fat burning exercise to lose weight.

Long-term non-exercise people with deviations in cardiorespiratory function, exercise may easily feel tired, breathless, this time the amount of exercise needs to be gradual. For example, today is expected to jump rope 100 times, tomorrow accumulate 150 times, gradually increase the amount of exercise. Remember to stretch before and after exercise to avoid soreness and obvious muscle. The above is a relatively comfortable exercise to lose weight, we adhere to the exercise will always have a good body, the color will also become better.

 jump rope