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How low is the manufacturing cost of a vehicle?

How low is the manufacturing cost of a vehicle?

Have you ever thought about how much it costs to manufacture a vehicle? For the vehicle, the most important and expensive parts are the three major components, the engine, transmission and its chassis. If the use of the case, the engine problems, after the warranty period, the cost of maintenance will have to be borne by the owner, the price of this cost is not quite high, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands, depending Antminer S17+on the brand positioning of the model to determine. But the same car, in the 4S store overhaul to 10,000, in the outside of the professional repair store as long as two or three thousand, from which it can be seen that the water in the automotive industry is very deep.

The manufacturing cost of a car occupies about 40% of the overall, for example, a 100,000 car series, the factory price of only 40,000 yuan, netizens question: where the remaining 60,000 from? Vehicle manufacturing costs in the end how low, but also the editor has been exploring the issue. In order to figure out the vehicle manufacturing cost all over, find a senior engineer working in the car factory, with his years of experience in the automotive circle, to solve the problem for everyone. The cost of the vehicle includes many levels, and the three major components we see are only the cost of the mechanical parts of the vehicle.

Manufacturing cost plastic prototype companies

The car is a highly industrialized commodity, the internal mechanization level is extremely high and very precise, which is also the reason why the vehicle is expensive. The vehicle itself consists of two major parts, the first is the mechanical components and the second is the electronics. The body and its internal major mechanical components, constitute the core power of the vehicle, the mechanical part of a total of 30% of the cost of the vehicle. Today's cars are becoming more and more functional, not only have a more intelligent role, but also able to assist driving. All the electronics in the car and its wiring harness, occupy 10% of the vehicle. In total, the manufacturing cost must be 40%.

The cost of paying taxes

As a company and a customer, it is a duty and responsibility to pay taxes according to the law. There are four types of taxes that must be paid on a car, two of which are company taxes, such as 17% VAT and 5% excise tax. In addition, when customers buy a car, they also have to pay taxes, and there are two kinds of taxes involved here, which are purchase tax and vehicle tax. In fact, the above four kinds of taxes, the final payment by the customer, the car factory in the sale of vehicles, the loss of tax has long been measured into the cost of the vehicle, the above taxes accounted for 30% of the whole car.

Operating costs

For any enterprise, it is necessary to obtain a certain profit to ensure the operation of the enterprise. After the end of the automobile industry, it costs not only its own manufacturing costs, but also includes the power consumption inside the plant, the salary of the personnel, the operation of the automatic assembly line, etc. Afterplastic prototype companies the release of goods, more exposure is needed, and the cost of advertising comes up, and the overall expenditure occupies 10%. Car companies in that premise, get 10,000 yuan of profit is always not much. How to get more profits, it depends on how the car companies to control these costs.

Sales costs

After the vehicle output must be shipped to the country's major 4S stores, by the 4S stores sales agent. 4S stores are not philanthropists, must be part of the profit, generally to 10%. 4S stores to get a lot of profit, not only by the sale of vehicles, but also supporting packages of services to enhance the cost of buying a car. However, in recent years, manufacturers have slowly opened direct sales stores in various regions, directly dispensing with the 4S store this off, for users to get a lower price. At present, the direct sales store this type of way mainly to electric cars, oil cars are not the same, every year to do maintenance on time, can not be divided with the 4S store.


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