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What should I pay attention to when welding sheet metal processing?

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With the booming development of China's manufacturing industry, sheetsheet metal fabrication company metal parts have been widely used for their light quality, high precision, beautiful appearance and other advantages. Welding is an indispensable part of the sheet metal processing process. It connects two separate metal objects by pressing or heating to produce inter-atomic bonding force, thus achieving the purpose of processing or welding the edge seam of a single part to improve its strength. Do you know what to look for when welding thin plates? The following mini series are for your introduction:

Sheet metal processing welding should pay attention to GPU minerthe following aspects:

The weld seam is carried out smoothly, presenting an analysis of fish scale, and shall not appear at the same time as the goods pile up convex package and uneven phenomenon.

After the sheet metal workpiece is welded, the appearance is re-polished with abrasive cloth, and there shall be no hand feeling edges, welding slag, weld points and burrs, and the weld seam shall be smooth and even.

When welding in sheet metal processing, the "edge and plane" of the workpiece should be ensured, including the vertical parallelism of the workpiece at the edge of the opening.

The weld seam on the plane of the workpiece of the box type shall not be higher than the plane. In principle, the weld seam shall be covered up and not visible after the putty is applied.

The sheet metal processing parts should be cleared of rust layer, oxide skin, weld slag and other debris before painting.

For turnover parts, especially unprocessed planes after welding, they should be strictly protected during the welding process to avoid arc damage or slag damage, and should not be polished under the premise of uniform weld seam.

For thin sheet metal after welding and processing of blue, electroplated thin sheet metal parts, after the completion of welding to meet the relevant requirements for uniform sandblasting treatment. In the process of turning should be strictly protected from collision and scratches, and shall not be regrinded.

To sum up the above analysis, these are some of the problematic aspects to be noted in sheet metal processing when welding. In order to be able to better ensure the quality of sheet metal welding technology processing, we should learn to implement a symmetrical arrangement as well as welding seams and joints when designing the structure of the sheet metal welding system, and avoid convergence, aggregation, overlap, secondary welding seams and joints can be interrupted, and the main welding seams and joints should be connected in such aspects.


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