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Mold design the job

Mold design the job

Today we are talking about mold design.

Mold design is a good job choice for a person who has no education or family situation.

As far as I know, China's undergraduate is the public undergraduate a second is no mold design and manufacturing of this major. A job that does not even have a bachelor's degree, it is obvious that his practitioners of the group diploma. So reading is not reading very well, and then join the work to do mold design, that his wageslow volume plastic manufacturing and benefits can still be, there will be a 8,000 10,000 more than 10,000. I have worked for more than 10 years, I really do not know which one of the two graduate practitioners of mold design. The third is a private undergraduate, do mold design or product modeling, this is a few.

My own work is to do mold design. And then out of the mold drawings. In general, do mold design, his knowledge points are particularly large, and then the rate of apprenticeship is not very fast, so some of my classmates and friends asked me to tell his friends and relatives to learn which mold design, and then I will propose that they learn the programming of CNC lathes. Programming, learning the knowledge point will be a little less, and then the teacher is fast, the salary is also high, because the programming salary is based on the number of machine tools, a machine tool how much money, and then you undertake more than one machine tool, and then you will gain more.

Mold design, it is particularly knowledgeable, and then a long time to apprentice, generally have to learn a year, and then work in the factory for 2 years three years, so you will have a certain accumulation of experience. Mold design work it is an experience work, that is, the more work you do, then you will be more experienced, you do the work will be better, you will be some of the production process ah, forced air are taken into account, will help enterprises to save a lot of money, processing time will also be shorter.

In general, if you have no education, no education, no family situation, then come to Huangyan to learn mold design is also very good, to learn mold design is also very convenient, Huangyan is everywhere in the modeling store, in the modeling store side learning, now many modeling store learning words are free learning, not ism30s whatsminer not charging tuition. If you learn half a year there, some modeling store you can start to help do some work after six months, he will give you some living expenses, 500800 living expenses, some people seriously perception good, can three months 5 months after you can do something, and then will give you some living expenses. So it is very convenient, you a foreign own to find the modeling store to learn are able to. Huangyan mold factory you to interview mold design position, he will not look at your diploma, do product modeling, mold design design, out of the mold drawings, he will not look at what degree you are, what degree you are, so this engaged in the threshold are very low, we are attentive subsequently can do the work, and then the salary is also good.


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