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Agile manufacturing consists of three main elements: production technology, organizational model, and management tools.

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The purpose of agile manufacturing can be summarized as: "to integrate flexible production technology, a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, and flexible management (three elements) that can facilitate intra- and inter-company cooperation to respond quickly to rapidly changing market needs and market realities through the established public infrastructure". From this goalantminer s19 price, it is clear that agile manufacturing actually consists of three main elements: production technology, management, and human resources.

Production Technology

1. Agility is achieved by integrating technology, management and people into a coordinated and interconnected system. First, highly flexible production equipment is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for creating an agile manufacturing enterprise. The necessary production technology is embodied in the equipment: a cluster of programmable and flexible machine tools consisting of modular manufacturing units with variable and measurable structures; "intelligent " manufacturing process control devices; the use of sensors, samplers, analyzers and intelligent diagnostic software to monitor the manufacturing process in a closed loop, and so on.

2. Secondly, in the process of product development and manufacturing development, the ability to use computer management skills and manufacturing a process of knowledge and economic basis to study and design complex products using digital computing teaching methods; reliably simulate the characteristics and state of the company's products and accurately simulate the manufacturing process of electronic products. The various social tasks are carried out by students simultaneously, not sequentially. At the same time, through the development of new products, the preparation of production and processing process protocols, and the sale of related products. Design education staff not only belongs to the field of engineering and construction in China, but also not only the combination of engineering and manufacturing. We are represented at every stage of the entire financial product life cycle from the manufacture of finished products from materials to the final disposal of the product to participate in the design of the product structure. Technology can play a full and important role in shortening the development and production and operation cycle of new products.

Third, agile manufacturing companies are highly integrated organizations. Information flows continuously between manufacturing, engineering, market research, purchasing, finance, warehousing, sales, and research, as well as between the agile manufacturing enterprise and its suppliers. In an agile manufacturing system, both users and suppliers are expectedrapid prototypes llc to play an active role in product design and development. Each product can use a highly interactive network. Physically dispersed and organizationally separated people from the same company can collaborate with each other and with people from other companies.

3. Finally, putting together the different parts of the enterprise relies on strict common data exchange standards, solid "components" (software that allows many people to use the same file at the same time) and broadband communication channels (the amount of information that needs to be exchanged). The integration of all these technologies into existing enterprise integration software and hardware marks the beginning of the era of agile manufacturing. It will become normal for agile manufacturing companies to generally adopt reliable integration technologies and reliable, disruption-free system operations for mass replacement of software.

Management Technology

1. First of all, one of the most innovative ideas in the management of agile manufacturing is the "virtual company".

Agile manufacturing believes that the speed of new products to market is the most important competitive environment advantage today. The fastest way to launch new products is to use the resources of different influencing companies, so that the human capital resources and material information resources distributed in different management companies can be interchanged at will, and then they are integrated into a single business service entity linked by electronic technology - a virtual network company, in order to accomplish their specific tasks. In other words, virtual companies are like employees of a public company specializing in the completion of some specific work plan, as long as the analysis of the opportunities provided by the market, the virtual company exists; the plan is completed, the marketing opportunities disappear, the virtual company dissolved. The ability to form often with virtual companies will become a strong competitive weapon for our companies as a kind of.

Agile manufacturing companies can form virtual companies at any time, as long as the resources of companies distributed in different places can be pooled. In the United States, virtual companies will use the National Industrial Network (National Plant Network) to combine integrated industrial databases with services that enable groups of companies to create and operate virtual companies. Eliminating legal barriers to multi-enterprise cooperation establishes a regulated legal model. In this way, component virtual companies will be as easy as establishing a company.

The notion that some companies always believe that autonomous production is better than cooperation must be broken. Overcoming organizational barriers to cooperation with other companies should be a priority, not a last resort. In addition, addressing intellectual property issues arising from collaboration, developing techniques to manage the company and mobilize staff initiatives, trying to establish and manage project teams, and developing metrics to measure team performance are all difficult tasks.

Second, agile manufacturing companies should have organizational flexibility.

Because, the advanced culture industrial enterprise products and services of the fierce competition development environment management has gradually begun to form, more and more products to be put into the rapidly changing world financial market to participate in international competition. The design, manufacture, distribution, and service of products will be done with resources (companies, people, equipment, materials, etc.) that are distributed around the world. Manufacturing companies increasingly need to constantly meet the objective conditions of students in each country and region. These are objective conditions that reflect not only the value of social, political, and economic studies in China, but also the concern for environmental information security, energy supply capacity, and other issues. In this teaching environment, the traditional form of vertical integration, which attempts to do everything by itself "behind closed doors", is doomed to failure, and a dynamic organizational structure with a certain degree of flexibility must be adopted. Depending on the main tasks involved, it is possible to take the form of internal multifunctional teams in time, inviting suppliers and users to join the team; sometimes faculty can choose to use the form of strategic cooperation with other companies; sometimes it is even possible to take the basic form of a virtual company. Effective use of these important tools will allow to get the full use of the resources of the Internet company.


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