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Dishwashing sponge 10 wonderful use, there is always you use!


Sponge is a common cleaning tool in our life, used to wash the dishes clean and good, in fact, with a small sponge wipe there are more wonderful Oh, to learn more!

1. Prevent waterlogging

Sometimes more flowers poured, the water is easy to accumulate in the pot, resulting in plant roots lack of oxygen and rot.white eraser sponge

Put a piece of dishwashing sponge city under the pot can be solved, the sponge has a strong ability to absorb water, can be excess water are absorbed into the sponge, and the sponge in the water can be developed to slowly release the study out to the plant can provide different moisture.

2. Filtering sediment

Homegrown flowers will have a tray for watering them out. Usually run-off water will have some sediment in the flower pot, run-off looks dirty and not easy to clean.

Cut a small piece of dishwashing sponge and stuff it in the bottom of the pot, so that the water that comes out is fresh water without sediment, and it also prevents soil erosion.

The contrast between a jar with a sponge and one without treatment is obvious.

3. Seed germination

When planting flowers, you always worry that the germination rate is not high. As a matter of fact, sponges are a great tool for accelerating germination. Just soak the sponge and sprinkle the seeds on the surface, and the seeds will germinate quickly in the moist environment.

4. Quickly wash the dishes

Usually wash the dishes themselves also have to inside and outside repeatedly wipe the work will be more clean, the dishwashing sponge cut an opening can be more convenient, longitudinally cut about two-thirds of the length.

When washing dishes, as long as the incision is glued to the edge of the bowl, holding the sponge can slide back and forth inside and outside.

5. Cleaning glass

Knife in the middle of the sponge to open a small opening, placed on the clip becomes a practical tool to clean both sides.

Cleaning window glass is convenient and easy.

6.Cleaning window cracks

There will be a thin track under the window. This narrow place is easy to accumulate dust and not convenient to clean. You can cut the sponge into small strips, insert a chopstick or other thin things, so it is easy to clean the window slit. You can also cut the whole sponge into small strips to clean.

7. Deodorize the refrigerator

Sprinkle some baking soda on the dishwashing sponge and put it inside the refrigerator so we can remove the odor.

8. Soap tray

Usually put the soap box inside if there is no water design is easy to accumulate water at the bottom, slowly soap will also have some foam, with a sponge can be used as a soap box, sponge absorbency is good will not accumulate water.

9. Needle inserts

Usually, there will be some needles when sewing. Sponge is a natural needle insert. Putting the needles away will not hurt people and will not be easily lost.

10. Non-slip tables and chairs

Cut the sponge into small squares and stick it on the table and chair feet can play a non-slip role, and the sponge can also reduce the friction between the table and chair feet and the floor to prevent scratches. Foam cushioning feet have a good anti-slip effect.

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