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What basics do you need to master for website optimization?

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Website promotion is an important branch of web promotion. If you want to build an excellent enterprise website, you need to accumulate some experience and keep learning new knowledge. So, how to optimize a corporate website to make it more concise, perfect and in line with user habits?what does kol mean Here are some basic tips to optimize your business website:.

1. Make the code concise and create an environment for the design.

In the construction of enterprise marketing website front, should be as far as possible through the use of semantic code, with descriptive tags for the organization and management of page design structure. Such a can effectively improve the accessibility of the student search engine to the marketing website, so that the whole site looks more concise.

2. Use of keywords that need to be properly optimized

Keywords usually refer to statements that describe what the marketing website is trying to serve. Appropriate use of keywords in the web page can improve the keyword ranking of the marketing website in the search engine. Generally you can use keywords in the URL, title tags, and it is also effective to use keywords in the description of the body text. However, it is important to note that the keywords should be used in the right amount so that they are not penalized for being identified as cheating.

3. Each page should have its own title

Business website optimization requires writing a title for each page. Each page should have its own unique title and each title should be different. If each page has the same title, search engines will treat it as the same page.

4. Avoid businesses using flash for navigation system buttons

Navigation buttons made in FLASH may have great functionality,search engine optimization what is but search engines don't seem to be interested in aesthetics. Search engines can't read the content in FLASH very easily and therefore can't follow navigation links in FLASH.

5. Make full use of alt image attributes

Images play an important role in the optimization process of a business website. The alt attribute in images is very important for search engines. Search engines can't understand images and need the alt in an image to tell them what it is about. If this is ignored, some traffic will be reduced. In the description, Alt should be the rule, should not be too long, and should not only contain " Alt = ".

6. What should be paid attention to in website production

In marketing website design and production, usually companies will be in the home page content summary for a period of time to describe. When the description itself is not yet finished, there is usually a student an important link pointing to the inner page, allowing the viewer to continue through the reading. Such a link in marketing website development and construction is common to use "more >>" or more to point to the link. This is not good, our country should be such a description such as "to understand them more about the network marketing website development and construction of knowledge"; URL links should also be able to maintain uniformity, because the Chinese search engine will usually add www and not add www site as two different aspects of the site. So in the marketing website as well as before the production should be determined is used, once determined should not be changed at will.

7. Secondary navigation can try to use text, do not use pictures

In the process of website production, our web designers may always want to pursue the beauty of the marketing website, often use some pictures instead of text navigation. Although it looks beautiful, but we need to remember that the search engine can not read the picture. So in the construction of marketing website, try to use text instead of pictures.

8. Careful use of AJAX

Ajax can provide a good user experience for marketing website creation. But the content generated by AJAX can not be linked to the search engine, and it is not useful to the search engine. Therefore, in the production of marketing Web site should be careful to use Ajax technology.