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Is it safe to use high-temperature steam on floors? Is the stain removal effect effective?

Is it safe to use high-temperature steam on floors? Is the stain removal effect effective?

1. Many people recommend it to me; is it really that good?

Essentially, the preceding has introduced all aspects of the steam mop; whether it is good to use it is a matter of opinion, but it also does not exclude the fact that many people around are "well-known" ha.

Still, consider your own needs; after all, many appliances are very powerful, but they are not used much, as a comprehensive tool such as a mobile phone, there is a bias towards photography, there is a bias towards business, there is also a bias towards listening to songs, watching drama, playing games, the focus is different for different people to use, and whether it is "your cup of tea "It is up to you to decide.

2How does it compare to traditional mops, and is it practical?

The practicality of the mop is far greater than that of the traditional mop.

The disadvantage of using a regular mop is that the water must be changed on a regular basis; otherwise, it is equivalent to "dirty water mopping the entire house," which wastes time and effort, not to mention that the mopping is not particularly clean.

Second, how clean is the mop itself? Like the old-fashioned round-head mop, with a variety of flocculent cloth tied up, the cleaning and drying time is easy to leave hygiene problems, not easy to wash clean, and multiple cloth stacked super easy to have mould breeding, hygiene is not guaranteed.

In contrast, a steam mop uses steam to wash the mop as well as water to protect the mopping hygiene; the disadvantage is the inconvenience of wired power and the need to add water midway.

3. How safe is it to use high-temperature steam on the floor? Is the stain removal effect effective?

If your family wears tile shoes, don't worry about high-temperature steam damaging the floor; after all, tiles are burned out due to high temperatures, so don't be afraid of things.

The wood floor is relatively poor in heat resistance; therefore, it is not recommended to use too long to fumigate the floor in order to avoid floor deformation and cracking, and to wax the floor in the same area for no more than 5S.

Too stubborn stains cleaning laminate floors with steam mopare difficult to remove, even with a spatula. You can adjust the steam to the highest setting, with a longer time to fumigate, to soften the stain and make it easier to remove.

4, I heard there is also a sweeping robot, a steam mop, and a sweeping and mopping machine, which is worth getting?

The three do not serve the same purpose.

The sweeping robot primarily focuses on the removal of solid waste from the floor, such as paper scraps, rice, bones, meat, and so on.

The steam mop focuses on high-temperature deep cleaning while also acting as a germ and mite remover.

Sweeping and mopping Mini Rodini HKmachines, also known as hoovers and mops, can remove solid waste from the ground while also mopping the floor with cold water, making them ideal for sauce these complex dirty environments as well as home fast cleaning.

According to the above introduction, you can actually match according to the environment at home, such as no time to clean, sweeping robot + mop can achieve fully automatic cleaning; higher hygiene requirements, you can hoover + steam mop, semi-automatic cleaning grasp high; want to be portable and efficient, you can choose sweeping and dragging all-in-one machine.

5, with steam mop university ranking asiaprices ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand, which level is the most cost-effective to begin with?

The price difference between a cheap steam mop and an expensive steam mop over 3000 is primarily in the steam temperature, mop cloth, water tank, accessories, and ability to remove dirt.