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Experience Economy - Perfumeries can score with experiences

Experience Economy - Perfumeries can score with experiences

Experience Economy: Perfumeries can score with experiences. The stationary perfumery trade benefits massively from the experience economy. Adone Kheirallah from STAGG & FRIENDS explains how perfumeries can create a holistic customer experience with live experiences and especially convince digital-savvy millennials of regular visits.

The strengths of the classic perfumery trade have almost been forgotten

Personal customer contact, individual advice and a high level of expertise are the strengths of the classic perfumery trade. Due to the rapid e-commerce growth, they are almost forgotten. Live experiences are an excellent tool to inspire the generation of digital natives. Because with real, high-quality brand experiences on site, brick-and-mortar retailers can succeed in raising the awareness of young people again. The prerequisite is that the experience strategies correspond to their living environments.

Pictorial interiors or dynamic room installations - create instagrammable moments

Linking digital and analog experiences as a matter of course is part of everyday life for millennials. That is why it is no longer enough to convince with personal service even in stationary retail. The purchased favorite product or a shopping event in the shop for a specific event - every experience should be digitally communicable so that the young target group can share and celebrate content on social channels. Suitable content: pictorial interiors or dynamic room installations, which can be realized at events in the branches as well as at external events. Everything that encourages guests to spread glittering selfies or reflecting gifs and videos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is free PR for retailers on the web.

Perfumeries can score with experiences - share expert knowledge

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There are plenty of how-to videos and tutorials on the subject of beauty, make-up and cosmetics online. However, the expertise of the advising influencers often does not even come close to the well-founded knowledge of the employees in the perfumeries. Skin care workhops, lectures on natural cosmetics and sustainability or live shows are an effective way to react to the huge range of tutorials and to highlight the strong know-how in stationary retail. With DIY courses, workshops or product presentations, perfumeries can interact with their customers in the long term, create awareness of existing knowledge and use customer feedback for the further customer experience.

Experience Economy - Perfumeries: Include all five senses

Physical experiences offer brands the opportunity to specifically address all of their senses. In contrast to online shopping, which usually takes place exclusively via the - already much stressed - sense of sight. If, on the other hand, you speak to multiple senses in parallel on a live experience with fragrant products, a beautiful backdrop, suitable music and a culinary offer, the brand experience will remain in your memory for a long time. This advantage has to be used live on site. The perfumery trade can, of course, score above all with the sense of smell, the most direct sense. In combination with other sensory experiences, truly sustainable brand experiences are created.

Create holistic brand experiences

The young generation seeks meaning and benefit in what they do. A shop visit will only be worthwhile for them if the product range and advice is supplemented by helpful everyday knowledge. DIY and other how-to workshops, which can take place in any shop, ideally also find overarching social issues such as sustainability. Carried out by role models of millennials, such as beauty bloggers with large communities, they attract the young target group. Live Experiences put the strengths of brick-and-mortar retail - professional competence and humanity - in the spotlight and at the same time serve the millennials' need for Instagram-compatible moments and real experiences.

Customer experience is also the topic of the Perfume Conference 2020

At the Perfumery Conference 2020 in Düsseldorf , you will find out where the strengths of perfumery retail are and how perfumeries can benefit from the use of new technologies .



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