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Beauty secrets of perfect skin from Japanese women

Beauty secrets of perfect skin from Japanese women

We all know how perfect the skin of Japanese women is, and yet they have a lot of secrets how to maintain the very famous Japanese porcelain skin

Green tea

Moreover, it is worth using both inside and out. Drink at least one cup of green tea per day. This drink has a high content of antioxidants and it improves metabolism. Life hack: a separate cup of green tea can be refrigerated. When it cools, moisten a cotton pad with chilled tea and wipe your face. Over time, this will help make pores less visible, reduce inflammation and awaken the inner radiance of the skin.


Skin Cleansing Oils

Japanese women have long used hydrophilic oils instead of micellar water. Hydrophilic oils have a light formula, due to which they turn into an emulsion upon contact with water and effectively remove makeup, without clogging pores. Due to the fact that they easily dissolve cosmetics, eyes and lips do not have to rub, and one bottle is enough for a long time.


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Face massage

Most often, cosmetologists turn to make cleansing, peeling or, for example, masks. But for some reason, such an atraumatic, but very effective facial massage procedure is neglected. Facial massage helps the blood circulate better, makes the facial contour more clear and prevents premature aging. Such a massage can even be done at home on your own.


They have a lighter formula, they are instantly absorbed and at the same time moisturize well. But with peeling and a feeling of tightness, you will need a more dense tool. Lotions are good for girls with normal skin.


Sunscreen in the winter

Japanese women are very afraid of the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, even if they need to leave the house for only a couple of minutes, they always apply sunscreen or emulsion.


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