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6 anti-aging tips for the skin

6 anti-aging tips for the skin

Our skin showsthat we age, it changes over the course of life. But how quickly it ages varies from person to person. On the one hand it is genetic, on the other hand it also depends on external factors, such as our way of life. Little sleep and a lot of stress can damage the skin. With a few small tricks, anti-aging can be easily integrated into the daily routine. Because beautiful skin is primarily not a question of age, but of care.

Free radicals promote skin aging

In order to achieve the desired effects with anti-aging, the skin should be gently cared for and well protected before the first signs of aging. In principle, it is advisable to avoid the increased formation of free radicals as much as possible.

Because free radicals can promote the aging process of the skin and possibly even accelerate it. They attack protective cell membranes and proteins and damage the genome by breaking the bond between the bases and attacking the body cells. The damaged skin cells can age faster.

6 valuable anti-aging tips for beautiful skin

With the following tips, your skin stays young longer and you can effectively prevent premature aging.

1. Drink a lot

Depending on physical exertion, between 1.5 and 2.5 liters of water a day are ideal , alternatively sugar-free teas . Because when we are thirsty, the body pulls the liquid out of the skin, which makes our skin dry and brittle and visibly loses vitality and freshness.

2. Balanced and healthy nutrition

Vegetables and fruits in particular contain many vitamins that our bodies urgently need and that can also promote health. Sugar and fats, which are mainly found in sweets, have negative effects on the body and also on health.

By the way: Anti-oxidants are small and natural miracle cures for maintaining healthy, beautiful and firm skin. They are contained, for example, in olive oil and many types of fruit such as

Acerola cherries



A balanced menu also includes fish and meat . Ready meals are, however, taboo.

3. Reduce luxury foods

Alcohol removes water from the body. Drinking alcohol can dilate the skin vessels. If you drink too much alcohol, veins on your skin can burst open. For this reason, alcohol should only be consumed in moderation . Those who do without alcohol completely do their body and skin a great favor.

Also, nicotine is one of the stimulants that can accelerate the aging process of the skin. Anyone who smokes is significantly more risky of getting wrinkles around their mouth, which is also due to the process of pulling the cigarette when smoking.

In addition, the skin vessels are narrowed by the nicotine and the skin cells can no longer be supplied with good blood, which also reduces the oxygen supply. The skin is often no longer rosy, but pale and pale. It is advisable to avoid smoking for the sake of the body, health and appearance. In addition, alcohol and tobacco lead to the increased formation of free radicals.

4. Sport

We can shape and tighten our body through movement. Obesity can be avoided through daily exercise , which means that the risks of a heart attack or stroke can be significantly reduced.

Regular exercise not only keeps our bodies fit, but also our minds. The skin is better supplied with blood by exercise, so that it looks firm, rosy and healthy.

5. Protection from intense sunlight

Bright sunshine gives us a good mood. But excessive sunbathing can lead to premature aging . So that we can really enjoy the sun without regrets, our skin needs sufficient UV protection. Of course, this also applies to sunbathing in the solarium.

By the way, we often forget to protect our hands from the sun. It is very important with our hands, because they can be little traitors: you can usually tell the real age from them first. Hand creams with UV protection are practical here.


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