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Invent reusable toilet paper

We live in the world of strange inventions. The unicorn frappuccino. The coffee latte in half avocado. And now the reusable toilet paper.

reusable toilet paper

The invention has a lot to do with the booming environmental and vegan trend lately. Many people think: if I don't buy food in plastic trays for recycling, why not recycle toilet paper?

 Invent reusable toilet paper

Although it may be hard to believe, this fashion exists. And every time he has more followers. Ecologists who opt for reusable toilet paper say that forest deforestation must be fought.

And they also argue that using reusable toilet paper can save 90 euros every year. But isn't it unhygienic? There are already many pages on the internet that sell the aforementioned product.

Its advocates say that in the long run it is much more comfortable and practical. That the softness of this paper, which are really wipes, is much superior to the disposable. And also have fewer infections.

However, we are not convinced by many. It seems that there is something unhygienic to use these cloths several times. Many of its users only use it after urinating.

However, and although it seems strange, there is already a similar invention that has existed for years: reusable diapers. Any parent knows the high cost of diapers when they have a baby.


That's why cloth diapers, reusable, were invented. They say that in the long run they are cheaper. They pollute much less. And also take better care of the delicate skin of babies.

However, this trend remains a minority and most parents continue to buy disposable diapers for their babies. Will the reusable toilet paper to win the battle win the battle?


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