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Repellent Albendazole Interest Still… Out of stock due to surge in sales

Repellent Albendazole Interest Still… Out of stock due to surge in sales

It has been reported that it is effective for anti-cancer treatment, etc., and it has been shown that the sold out phenomenon of albendazole, which received attention, has continued due to a surge in sales.

According to related industries on the 14th, Daewoong Pharmaceutical recently sent a letter to distributors regarding the sale of Daewoong Albendazole.

According to the company, Daewoong Albendazole's surge in sales of 400mg caused a temporary out-of-stock due to insufficient inventory. Due to the out of stock, orders in February were changed to March. In other words, you can't order the stock for the rest of February.

Here, Gangnam Severance Hospital, etc., have also guided the instability of supply and demand of Gental Tablet, a formulation of Yuhan's good albendazole component currently used in outpatient prescriptions.

This means that the supply and demand of the product is in an unstable condition, so it will be stopped when the external pharmacy runs out of stock.

The reason for the out-of-stock and supply and unstable supply of albendazole is because rubens have been reported that after the animal repellent fenbendazole, which has anti-cancer treatment, albendazole, a human repellent, also has anti-cancer effects and chronic effects.

The issue of phenbendazole, an insect repellent for animals, which began as a cancer effect, has been transferred to albendazole since December of last year, and it has spread interest in various chronic diseases such as rhinitis and atopy.

As a result, out of stock was repeated in major online malls as well as retailers from the time of the issue, and this phenomenon persisted at the present time, leading to the exhaustion of pharmaceutical companies' inventory.

In particular, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the Korean Medical Association have reiterated that it is inappropriate to use albendazole for purposes other than treating parasitic infections, but its popularity has not cooled down.

In fact, as the order continues at the pharmacy that sells it, the distributor, who is in the middle of the process, also said that the shortage of the products continues.

Even now, when stock is in stock, orders are quickly received, and it is known that the shortage phenomenon is repeated, so it is expected that the shortage of albendazole will last for a while.

An industry insider said, "In the early days of becoming an issue, it was not expected that such a sellout would continue to lead to the interest of the product." Even now, when the stock is in stock, orders are coming in and out of stock, and when this happens, we cannot predict when this will disappear. " He said.


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