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Nearly half of Russians quit alcohol during a pandemic

Nearly half of Russians quit alcohol during a pandemic

During the pandemic, almost half of Russians polled by Roskachestvo began to drink less. This was reported on the organization’s website on Wednesday, April 29.

The sociological survey of Roskachestvo and OMI (Online Market Intelligence), which was held April 21-22, was attended by 1036 people.

So, 45% of respondents reported a refusal from alcoholic beverages, 38% from confectionery and sweets, and 35% of respondents refused sausages and delicacies. It is noted that the rejection of these products is more typical for people aged 55 years and older.

“It is interesting that the Southern Federal District is more likely than the whole country to refuse fish (39%) and cheese (32%). And in the North Caucasus, less than others refuse to buy fresh vegetables (6%), ”the report says.

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The study also showed that 57% of respondents buy the same products as before the epidemic, and 27% of those polled are guided only by price.

For 35% of respondents, food expenses increased over the past month, which is associated, inter alia, with self-isolation. At the same time, 25% noted that their costs were reduced, as they began to buy only the necessary products in order to save.

It was reported on the eve that most Russians support the restrictions imposed to combat coronavirus.

Tough preventive measures are approved by 60% of respondents, for milder restrictions that would reduce the impact on the economy, but increase the duration of the pandemic, 25% of respondents spoke in favor.



What the body reacts to wine?

Blackouts, drowsiness, difficulty walking, vomiting, and other severe issues can occur at higher doses. Long-term consumption of large amounts of wine can result in a variety of grave health issues, including dependence, liver issues, and certain types of cancer.

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While regional customs about tipping may differ, it's always polite to give your wine server a tip, especially if they went above and beyond to clarify what was in your glass, explain the winemaking process, or give you a tour of the winery.

Do wine tasters earn a sizable income?

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