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I help my shave a baldheaded | video blog # 32

I help my shave a baldheaded | video blog # 32

I cant see it thoughyou are too,what is up today is is the day it been sixmonths since i cut my hair i just got outof bed im going to shave it all off im justkidding im not actually going to shave itall off im going to try to cut this off andlike leave it on top or what ever like a undercutthing im probably going to mess up and thenhave to just shave it all off no going backthat a lot of hair yeah this is pretty much 


The best fidget spinneryou can get i mean its mega professional thisone is not as professional this is my practiceone you can see i designed this one quinnrice designs it pretty sick its pretty epicits legendary its probably the.so i cut my hair for three reasons reason1 i woke up and i was really bored and i didntknow 

What else to do today reason b ive alwayswanted to do this hair cut where its likeshort here and long on top then i can gelit back its just really wet right now andthe last reason is that i have this weirdidea that if things aren't going exactly howi want in life at like the like moment thati need to like just cut my hair do somethingcrazy alright were doing it he have to seewhat type of blade this lawn mower has i guessmy dad ran over some stuff and it got allchipped up so let see what it is okay 21 inchesnow we have to look online for at sears becauseit is a craftsman and he needs a new bladei dont know what he hit becuase it is


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Multimedia or media is acceptable.

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